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The Alpine Coop Kit

Alpine Coop - Buy It Now

~ Accommodates 2 - 4 Chickens ~
Horizon Structures most economic coop - The Alpine We've named this little coop the "Alpine" because its A-frame roof line reminds us of the rugged Alps...

Your little flock is sure to thrive in their Swiss chalet-style home.

Easy-to-assemble kit
Standard Features

Alpine coop nestboxes

Click on either picture for a larger view

Side panel is hinged for easy access

Cute. Compact. No frills.

  • 2 roomy nest boxes

  • 24" x 14" Chicken Door - with latch

  • Diamond plate metal cap over clear vinyl moisture barrier keeps the coop dry.

  • 41" x 48" hinged side panel allows easy access to the inside of the coop

  • 2 x 4 Wooden roost bar

  • Sturdy Duratemp wood siding. Pre-painted here at the shop. You choose the color!

  • Pressure Treated Wood Base

  • Chicken run included

  • View the dimensions

  • Alpine Coop - Only $995 including shipping
    Alpine Coop - Buy It Now
    The Pullet is the perfect coop for city chickens

    Collecting the Eggs...

    Alpine nest boxes
    Fresh eggs are right at your fingertips!

    Our simple outside access nest boxes make collecting eggs fun and never a chore! Takes only minutes a day.

    Just lift the lid and reach in for your next breakfast!

    Because they're mounted on the exterior of the coop - you don't even have to go inside to get your eggs.

    Yodelihg chicken
    No instructions needed -
    Just watch our video.
    Build it in 1 Hour or less
    and move your chickens right in.
    Alpine Coop - Only $995 - INCLUDES SHIPPING
    FREE SHIPPING on Coops
    The "Alpine" Coop
    Click to purchase Horizon Structures Alpine Coop

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