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Chicken Run
Horizon Structures Mini2 coop with chicken run
Adding a run to your chicken coop lets chickens go outside while deterring predators and keeping chickens out of your garden.

Chicken runs are available for all our chicken coop models. See the chart below for more details on sizes.

A run ordered with a coop ships at no extra charge.
What’s Included:
  • Wooden frame with a clear stain
  • Vinyl-coated 1” x 2” wire mesh securely stapled to the frame
  • 7 framed panels: three side panels, one top panel, and three under-coop panels
  • Hinged side access door with latch to let chickens in and out of run

  • Horizon Structures Mini coop with run
    Mini Coop with Run

    Hinged Under Coop Panels
    Horizon Structures 5x6 coop with run - back view
    5x6 - Back View
    Takes Just a Few Minutes to Set Up!
    We ship the pre-assembled chicken run panels in "knock down" form.
    To set it up, simply attach the panels to each other, with screws,
    and secure them to the coop.

    One person with a power screwdriver can easily accomplish the assembly.
    CLICK HERE to view chicken run assembly instructions.
    Horizon Structures  coop run assembly
    Hoirzon Structures  run assembly Horizon Structures run assembly
    Click any picture for a larger view

    Click Here for pricing on all our coops, chicken accessories and runs...

    5x6 Chicken Coop
    Run shown with (standard) side hinged panel
    and (optional) top hinged panel

    Side View | Back View

    Under-coop panels may be
    purchased separately.
    Our chicken runs are well constructed of solid materials. The wire-covered top panel is an added plus for keeping chickens in and air-borne predators out.

    However, the run is not considered entirely predator proof since it just rests on the ground. This makes the run easy to set up and to move, but there is always the possibility that a determined animal could dig under the frame to get inside.

    If you don't intend to move your coop and run, bury some mesh, with a 90 degree bend, a few inches underground. Any critters trying to dig their way in will be deterred by this barrier.

    If you are planning to move your coop and run, to provide fresh foraging for your hens, we recommend using "hook and eye" latches to attach the chicken run to the coop rather than screws. This makes it a cinch to detach (and re-attach). And will allow you to move the coop and run more easily.
    4x8 chicken coop with under coop panels
    Under-Coop side panels
    hooked in the "up" position

    Click on any picture
    for a larger view
    Chicken runs designed for our smaller, "raised" coops come with “under-coop” panels to allow the chickens to go underneath the coop while still keeping them confined.

    Call 888-447-4337 for info on chicken runs

    Chickens will often often use this space to scratch around or enjoy the shade. If you get a chicken coop with wheels, the under-coop panels come with hinges and hook-and-eye hardware.

    When you want to move the coop you simply fold up the under-coop panels and affix them with the hook-and-eyes to keep them out of the way.
      Under-coop panels up close
    Close-up of Under-Coop
    side panels
    NOTE: While our chicken runs may deter predators, they are not predator proof.
    They are only intended to keep your chickens confined.
    Chicken Run
    Order your coop and chicken run today!
    4x6 Dutch Coop
    with Run
    *shown with painted run Dutch style chicken coop with chicken run
    Click Image
    for a larger view
    Push-It Coop
    with Run

    Push-It chicken coop with run
    Click Image
    for a larger view

    In order to provide coast-to-coast delivery of our coops (and coop kits), we
    MAY require the services of a commercial carrier.

    This means that your coop MAY arrive via a large tractor trailer truck.

    Please call us at 888-447-4337 if you have concerns about the truck accessing your property.

    We will work with you to the best of our ability to make the delivery; however, your
    assistance may be needed in some instances.

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