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Portable Horse Stalls

Portable Horse Corrals

Stop Boarding!
Bring Your Horses Home!

Horizon Structures
Portable Horse
Stall Systems
Horse Stalls Our free-standing portable horse stalls are:
  • Low Cost
  • Safe & Comfortable for Horses

  • Easy to Set up

  • Don't be fooled by the name.
    These portable horse stalls are solid,
    safe and built tough for horses.

    We call them "portable" because they're often used as temporary equine housing at horse shows, auctions and expos.
    Order Just What You Need

    2 Pieces
    1 Portable Horse Stall

    4 Pieces
    1 Free-standing
    Portable Horse Stall
    A Whole Barn
    Just tell us how many
    Portable Horse Stalls
  • 1 front and 1 side panel:

  • - Set up in the corner of the barn where 2 walls already exist.
  • 1 front and 3 side/back panels:

  • - Side and back panels are identical.
  • Start with one complete stall...

  • - Side and back panels are shared by adjoining stalls.

    Portable Horse Corrals

    Portable Horse Corrals
    Portable Horse Corrals

    See for yourself how easy it is to assemble our portable horse stalls...

    Portable Horse Corrals

    Portable Horse Corrals


    10 x 10 standard size
    Stall walls are are 84" high
    12 x 12 also available.

    1/8" heavy wall All Aluminum frame
    11 gauge

    No Rust! Aluminum is non-corrosive
    3/4" solid plywood panels Withstands the most determined kicker
    INCLUDED with every stall /panel
    Spacious 52" wide stall door opening Plenty of room for even the largest horses
    Metal drop latch on stall door No sharp or protruding hardware to injure horses entering or leaving the stalls
    Solid metal hinges on stall doors Position door on right or left side of front panel
    Doors swing in or out
    Grills are 4" on center 3" space keeps hooves and noses inside the stall
    Feed-Thru Cut Out Included with ALL front panels - NO EXTRA CHARGE.
    Panels come FULLY ASSEMBLED No bolting, cutting, welding or panel insertion required. You don't even need tools!
    Identical side and back panels No confusion or mix-ups in ordering or assembling
    2 people - with no construction background - can build a stall in 5 MINUTES Uniquely designed metal rods drop easily into sturdy welded corner slots to join each panel to its neighbor
    Click Here for Pricing Standard Specs:
    • Heavy wall tube on all material
    • 4: O.C. bars (3" in between)
    • 3/4" Plywood panels
    • Can be linked together for a continuous row of stalls
    • Outside dimensions 116"
    • Inside dimensions 9' x 9'
    • Designed to fit into a 10' x 10' space
    • Hinged door wings in or out with spacious 52" doorway
    • Panels come fully assembled (no paint)
    • Back wall and dividers are the same

    NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

    Financing Available - Click Here for Details
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