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Horse Barn Kits

Skeptic "Listen, I've been seein' horse barn kits that look like this advertised for years and usually the price is a lot lower than what y'all are selling them for."

Ok. But ask yourself this...
  • Is the horse barn kit steel frame or a wood frame?
  • Are they giving you a "shell" or a complete horse barn kit?
  • Does the barn kit price include delivery?
  • Do you have to pay extra for the features you need?

When comparing horse barn kits - Ask questions. Check details.

Steel Frame Horse Barns by Horizon Structures - Apples to Oranges
It all adds up to:
  • Affordability

  • - The moderate price of our steel frame horse barn kit makes it a very attractive complete barn package to the average horse owner.

  • Horse Comfort & Safety

  • - Our steel frame barn kits are designed specifically for the needs of horses. Customize both exterior walls and interior stall dividers to maximize ventilation and air flow at no extra cost.
    Horse Barn Stalls
    Interior view of stalls

    36 x 36 Steel Frame Barn 6 - 12x12 Stalls,
    12' Center Aisle

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    Steel Frame Horse Barns
    Customize your barn kit with vented walls.
    Perfect for hotter climates.

    Barn Kit Prices include everything

  • Complete horse barn kit - partitions, doors, etc.
  • All Materials - siding, roofing, etc.
  • Shipping to your property

  • The only thing you need to do is prepare the site before we get there.

    Steel Frame Barn Options List

    Barn Aisle Doors
    (2 - 6' Doors with all mounting hardware)
    $1200 per pair of doors
    Dutch Door
    Finished Soffit & Fascia
    $20 / linear ft.
    (*includes both sides of barn)
    Enclose Gable Ends
    $450 each
    Wall Mounted Hay Rack 

    Solid Panel for Back of Hay Rack
    (if mounting on a grill panel)

    Fixed Window Grill
    Hinged Window Grill
    Window Grill with Solid Sliding Panel
    Stall Vent
    Water Bucket Holder / Swing Panel
    Window Grill
    Copper Roofed Cupola - 48"

    Galvanized steel interior
    Click on picture for a larger view

    Check out the interior...

    ... It looks just as good inside as it does from the outside.
    Stall matts & flooring are not included with barn kit purchase

    Steel Frame Barn Kit Prices

    Prices INCLUDE shipping costs


    "A lady from West Palm Beach called in for a quote I priced a modular barn and a steel frame barn...

    She was able to save about 40% with the steel frame barn kit
    AND we incorporated the vented stall and
    wall design that was perfect for Florida"

    Dave Zook, owner Horizon Structures

    Answer 6 Simple Questions and the Barn is Yours...
    Get Started

    Click below for answers to common questions...

    What is a steel frame horse barn?

    Can I modify, add on to, or move this type of barn?

    How do these horse barns compare to more traditional style horse barns for function, safety and appearance?

    What if a horse kicks a stall?

    What about cribbing?

    What kind of maintenance does a steel frame horse barn require?

    Will my stalls mildew or collect mold?

    How tough are these stalls?

    Will the barn chip, peel or rot?

    Will a barn of this type enhance the value of my property?

    Additional Info: Get Started | Pricing | Site Prep

    We're a Triton Barn Systems Certified Dealer
    NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

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