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December 2012

When it comes to protecting your chickens you want to have no doubts that they will be safe from everything from Weasels to Coyotes and any other local predators. When you are looking to get your new coop or if you are shopping to upgrade to a larger size be sure to check out the chicken coop protection features that keep your chickens safe as well as comfortable.

At Horizon Structures, We use 1x2 vinyl coated wire mesh on all of our vents and also to cover all of the operating window panels on our coops.

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December 21, 2012 posted by Jill Siragusa

Well folks we've made it to December and the end of December at that. It's getting very close to coop season here at Horizon Structures

While coop season never really stops, We wait anxiously for the new year. Because at the beginning of each new year we get to help all the new customers who are looking to explore and enjoy this new found hobby of raising chickens.

If you are just getting started, check out the pull it coop. This is a great coop with a built on run and is also easy to move around your property with a lawn tractor or 4 wheeler. The attached towing chains make...

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December 21, 2012 posted by Jill Siragusa

For our Blog this time we welcome a new guest writer.

A recent customer of ours, Amy Caraway in Salisbury North Carolina has been kind enough to share her excitement about getting her new barn but also provides some insight to how she handles her horses during what would be a more mild winter in a more Southern region. Her story also provides a good view of how our horse barns fair in North Carolina's climate. It also demontrates the importance of good horse barn ventilation.

Thank you Amy for sharing with us and we hope her experience provides all of you with some helpful...

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December 8, 2012 posted by Jill Siragusa