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April 2017

Blog by:  Kim Cabatuan, Outreach Specialist for Open Colleges

crate training for your puppy

Have you thought about keeping your dog in a crate especially if you tend to go out of the house for longer periods of time? Is placing a dog in a kennel safe? Is it even “right”?

If so, you might consider crate training for your puppy or full grown dog.

Dogs are actually den animals and they...

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April 28, 2017 posted by Content Admin

Blog by Nikki Alvin-Smith



When Dreams and Reality Collide

Nikki Alvin Smith

Do you remember the first time you met a horse? Was it a monumental moment? Was it love at first sight?

For me the answer is a big fat YES! I lived on a tiny residential street in Southern England and three doors down the blacksmith toiled day after day and...

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April 24, 2017 posted by Content Admin