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Life After Chickens The Next Big Thing?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Life After Chickens The Next Big Thing?

A question I am starting to hear more and more in my line of work is, what’s the next big thing going to be?
Like many people today, raising chickens for both hobby and as a means of living a more self sustaining life style has become very popular.  Not to mention, how good are those fresh eggs?
So now that you have gotten a great coop that is right for the amount of chickens that you intend to keep and a run that you may have built to compliment that coop and possibly even painted to match that coop, life is good.  You are gathering eggs and have a planned schedule for feeding and coop care for the birds and everything is flowing well.
It may be time now for a new project.  Time to take your self sustaining lifestyle to the next step with something new.  So what is the next big thing?
For some of you, it may be raising bees.
Bee-keeping is becoming more and more of a focus for people who want to get in to a low cost hobby that offers health benefits and can be done almost anywhere whether you are in a rural or urban setting.
For approximately 200 dollars you can buy a beginner beekeeping kit and get started with your backyard beehive. Compared to a coop this is pretty low in cost factor.  In addition you don’t need a lot of land to start your new beekeeping hobby which again keeps your costs down.  For anyone with a busy schedule, this is surely an undertaking that requires minimal effort with great reward.
While I am sure many of you know or are aware that honey is good for us, here are a few bits of information that I’ve gathered to share.
Honey is a natural energy booster.  At 64 Calories per tablespoon, honey is very easy to digest for even the most sensitive of stomachs. If you are reaching for an energy drink first thing in the morning try a spoonful of honey for a natural, healthy boost.
For all of the athletes out there, honey is great for maintaining blood sugar levels during exercise and also aids in muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration after exercise. You may have heard of a guy named Lance who endorses an energy product called Honey Stinger.
How about anyone concerned with their weight? Honey with warm water or in tea helps with our digestion and when combined with lemon juice or cinnamon can help reduce fat in our bodies.
Honey may also be used as a natural antiseptic for wound management.  Healing is sped up by stimulating wounded tissues.  Honey can initiate healing in dormant wounds and promote quicker healing in moist wounds.
In conclusion, beekeeping could be a great project to take on and knowing that you would be helping in both the conservation of the bee population as well as the amount of wood forest products that we use could be very satisfying personally.
So when your chicken raising friends ask the question “What should we try next?” You may want to suggest, raising bees.
Face-it, honey just tastes good.

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