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Susan’s Story: Cheaper Isn't Always Better

By Jill Siragusa, 10/28/2014 - 7:41pm

Friday, December 16, 2011

Susan’s Story: “Cheaper isn’t always better”


I received an email from Susan the 5th of December in the AM – sadly I had not heard from Susan in a while (left messaged, emailed, was hoping to see her at the Equine Affaire….but nothing)

The morning of the 5th her urgent marked email said, “After weighing all our options, we decided to hire a local contractor to build our barn. WRONG decision. Since October, all we have is a concrete pad. (a seperate contractor did the concrete work) Now, he doesn’t return our calls and his voice mail is recently full. I am waiting for feedback from my attorney.”

"Wow" – I thought, even if someone ends up going with someone local we always wish them the very best – and we never want the worst to happen to them, and it sounded to me like that is what was happening to Susan!

“In addition, framing lumber has been sitting outside for over 3 weeks.”
“It’s a nightmare.”


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“Could the structure that you planned out for us be placed on a monolithic poured concrete base (for the aisle and tack room)? If yes, what time frames would we be looking at to get the structure?”

YES WE CAN! That was the 5th – it’s now the 15th, 10 days later, over 100 emails sent back and forth (some of them about our respective family trips to Florida), we perfected her layout and the barn is in the shop -


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more pictures to come.......
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