Chicken Pens

Searching for quality poultry and made-from-poultry products but are just not sure where to begin? As a consumer, how can you be certain what you're getting, or where it came from? Who can you trust? The grocery store? The local farmers market? Concerns about what happens to that chicken or those eggs before it they arrive in the home has led to more and more people to consider setting up a chicken pen of their own. At Horizon Structures, chickens pens are easy to buy. We make it completely hassle-free to get started with a backyard flock, as our chicken pens are delivered pre-assembled and ready for IMMEDIATE use. Our chicken pens protect poultry from predators and provide space for the birds to feed and lay eggs.

Features for bird safety and comfort are already incorporated into the design so if you're just getting started with chickens you don't have to worry that you overlooked something. Our website helps you determine the chicken pen model and options that best suit the size of your flock and budget.

Chicken Pen Our Amish carpenters' experience, attention to detail and high standards of workmanship, combined with superior raw materials, enable us to produce a better-built, longer-lasting chicken pen. Furthermore, since all our chicken pens are built-to-order, we can easily customize your chicken pen to suit your needs.

The ability to choose the size, siding, roofing materials and colors make each coop unique. With our chicken coop upgrades, you can have electricity, mobility and easier cleaning built right in. Our chicken pens come in 8 different styles with some hard-to-find options. Interior fixtures are designed with chickens' roosting and nesting habits in mind. Windows and vents allow in plenty of natural light and fresh air while keeping predators at bay and the nest box design allows for easy accessibility when egg collecting. We pride ourselves in the fact that the materials used in the construction of our chicken pens are durable, long-lasting and of superior quality.

Here is what just one of our customers is saying...

"Hello! I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how happy I am with our new chicken coop! We ordered the 4 x 6 board and batten coop on Jan. 8 and it was here on Jan. 18! I was completely (pleasantly)surprised when the driver called us on Saturday afternoon to say he was in South Carolina with it and would be here the next morning. I've ordered clothing that took longer to get here! And he was right on time too! So thank you very much for the excellent service and wonderful craftsmanship from me, my husband and all our little chickies - who love their new home! =)"

Jenn T., Arnoldsville, GA

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