Poultry House

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you're a pro, a prefab poultry house in the backyard can be an easy, healthy way to ensure access to fresh chicken and eggs every day. At Horizon Structures, we show you just how budget-friendly poultry housing really is. Finding the right size, layout and color is not a problem. Customization is our specialty.

Poultry House Our poultry houses are handmade by the Amish in the rolling hills of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Known as "the plain people", the Amish culture has long stressed simplicity and organized living. Years before storage sheds were popular with mainstream America; the Amish would construct small, simple structures (out-buildings) to store farm supplies, tools and other equipment that didn't belong in the house or barn. They also modified these buildings for chickens and, often times, other types of livestock.

When the Amish discovered their quality craftsmanship, resourcefulness and ingenuity was highly sought after by the general public, they began marketing their products to consumers outside the Amish community. Providing "pre-fabricated" or fully-constructed buildings that could be shipped from their workshops directly to the customers' homes has been very well received. This way, all Americans benefit from the attention to detail and handcrafted workmanship the Amish give to their own buildings. These structures also incorporate the upgrades and innovations that years of experience have proven make sense and provide benefits and value.

At Horizon Structures, we have GREAT flexibility to customize or modify our standard poultry house designs and lots of choices. Several of our poultry house models have a raised floor which means no stooping or bending to clean the coop or collect the eggs. Wheels are available to allow for easy movement of your poultry house so chickens have access fresh grass or the garden. Or, use them to temporarily relocate your poultry house to the garage for extra protection during severe weather. Remember you're not limited to what you see on our website. We encourage you to contact us with ideas. We're happy to work with you to make sure you get a poultry house that best suits your needs!

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