5x6 Chicken Coop

5x6 Red Chicken Coop with Chicken Run

This is by far our most popular coop model! It's not hard to see why... With multiple nest boxes and an interior that's large enough for you, it's the perfect size! Simple, yet attractive, you'll soon find your neighbors peeking around the fence to see what all the talk is about! You can even add wheels to this coop with our Chicken Tractor Upgrade.

A chicken tip from from Lori M. in Haugton, NY- "Put natural tree branches in your coop so your chickens can perch. A lovely site in a woodland setting." Chicken runs are also a great way for your roosters or hens to get some sun. 

~ Perfect for 12 to 15 chickens ~

Body Tabs

  • 6 Nest Boxes
  • Hinged Nest Box Lid with Latch
  • Hinged Chicken Door with Latch
  • Detachable Wooden Chicken Ramp (painted/stained to match coop)
  • 2 - 2x4 Wooden Roost Bars
  • 18"w x48"h (Lockable) Access Door
  • 2 Windows with Screen & Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • Hinged Drop Vent with Latch and Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • Your Choice Wood Siding: Pine Board & Batten (stained) OR Duratemp (painted)

Our Most Popular Chicken Coop House!

~ Designed for 12-15 chickens ~  Fragile eggs and vulnerable chickens stay safe - 24/7

5x6 Coop with board & batten siding, metal roof
Clear stained pine board & batten siding and black shingle roof

5x6 Coop with Duratemp wood siding
Red with white trim & black shingles

Having your chicken coops built with Duratemp wood siding means you get to choose the color along with the color of the trim and the shingles...    ...and, it won't cost you a dime extra!

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Introducing an innovative new option... "Cleaner Chicken Coop Cage"



Collecting the Eggs...

Horizon Structures Chicken Coop with Pine Board and Batten Siding and Metal Roof

Eggs in Nest Box

Shown on right with Hunter Green metal roof - $50 Upgrade

Collecting the eggs isn't a chore - it takes just minutes a day.

With our easily accessible nest boxes - you don't even have to go inside the chicken coop.




Overhead view of 5x6 Coop nest boxes

The chicken house coops easily accessible nest boxes means that you never have to go inside to collect the eggs. Simply lift the lid and reach inside!

Coop Kits Now Available


Chicken Coop Exterior Features

Drop Vent - back wall

Vinyl coated metal mesh keeps predators out while allowing you to open this to increased ventilation inside the chicken coops.

Handy latch keeps it closed tight keeping wind, rain and snow at bay.

Pressure treated wood supports keep the chicken coops elevated.



Drop Vent - back wall

This provides a shady spot for the hens as well as keeping the inside of the chicken coop houses dry and cooler in summer. Being raised off the ground may even deter some predators.

All our 5 x 6 chicken coop houses come complete with a ramp.

Chicken door has 2 sets of metal latches. Keeps the door tightly closed or secured in the "open" position.



Moving your chicken coop house just got easier!

 Add Wheels to Your Chicken Coop!

Horizon Structures' 5x6 Coop Wagon UpgradeWe've added a Chicken Coop Tractor Upgrade to our most popular coop - Only $395.00.

Powder-coated metal wagon chassis includes handle and 4 pneumatic tires. Steer the front tires steer with the handle for easy maneuverability. The tractor chassis takes the place of the fixed, pressure treated wood legs / base. The 2 front tires swivel for easier turning.


Horizon Structures' Coop  TractorUnderside view of chicken tractor
Here we've lifted the coop up on a forklift so you can see how the wheels are attached.  See a close up of the tire.


Our Chicken Coops Will House 12-15 Birds



Take a Look Inside our Chicken Coop...

View all of the chicken coop pictures available in different angles. If you have questions about any of the chicken coop pictures call today at 1-888-447-4337!

Roosting Bars

2 sturdy roost bars give your birds a comfortable place to rest.

Nest Boxes

The side door and Glasbord® floor makes cleaning the chicken coops quick and simple.


Even cleaning the chicken coops are easy - they're small enough that you can take a broom and sweep it out without ever getting your feet dirty.

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More Pictures

See our coop photo gallery

5x6 Coop - side door

All chicken coops include a 18" w x 48" h "people" door with twist handle.

Key included.




Commercially shipped coops may arrive crated to prevent damage in transit

In order to provide coast-to-coast delivery of our chicken coops and coop kits, we MAY require the services of a commercial carrier. This means that your coop MAY arrive via a large tractor trailer truck.  Please call us at 888-447-4337 if you have concerns about the truck accessing your property. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make the delivery; however, your assistance may be needed in some instances.

Most buildings are delivered fully-assembled and ready for same-day use.




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