8 x 8 Chicken Coop

Everyone knows that the best eggs come from happy, healthy chickens. Having chickens in your own back yard is great for them and good for you, too. Aside from th e obvious benefit of your own fresh eggs, chickens are entertaining, affectionate and free pest control.

We are excited to be able to offer our newest chicken coops to make keeping chickens in your backyard easy and affordable.

~ Designed for up to 30 chickens ~

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Body Tabs

  • 10 Nest Boxes with Perches
  • 1' x 1' Chicken Door - with latch
  • 18" x 22" Window with Screen and Shutters
  • Single Door
  • 2 Wooden Roost Bars
  • Hinged Drop Panel for Exterior Egg Collection
  • 3-tab Asphalt Shingle Roof
       - You choose the color!
  • Duratemp Wood Siding (painted or stained)
       - You choose the color!

Horizon Structures 8 x 8 Chicken Coop

Shown with Barn Red Duratemp siding, white trim,  black shutters (upgrade) and Granite Gray shingles.


View Options: Wheels | Cleaner Coop Cage | Chicken Run | Siding & Shingle Colors


Dimensions Wall Height: 6' 5" Inside Center Height: 7" 10" Outside Center Height: 9" Outside Dimension Roof Edge: 8' 6" Inside Dimension - Base: 7' 9" Inside Dimensions (less 7" for studs) 7' 8" Roof Pitch: 4:12 Roof 1/2" wood sheeting, 240 lb. asphalt shingle - 25 Year Warranty
NOTE: Metal roof available for an additional $150 Walls Duratemp: wood grain 1/2" residential exterior siding - painted or stained
Studs: Standard 2x4, 16" on center Floor 5/8" plywood flooring
Joists: Standard 2x4, 16" on center
Built on 4x4 pressure-treated skids
(*environmentally safe wood treatment)

Collecting the Eggs...

8 x 8 Egg Collecting Door Collecting the eggs isn't a chore - takes just minutes a day.

All 10 nest boxes are within easy reach...you don't even have to go inside the coop.

The hinged door is secured closed with 2 metal latches.

8 x 8 Coop - Easy Access to Eggs!


Take a Look Inside!

We've added some new things to features to this coop that are sure to make it a hit with chickens and chicken people alike!


10 roomy nest boxes with sturdy wooden perches are just what chickens love. 

Horizon Structures 8 x 8 has 10 Nest Boxes with Roost Bars

Introducing an innovative new option... "Cleaner Coop Cage"

As you can clearly see our 8 x 8 chicken coop is roomy, bright and a pleasure to work in and around.

8 x 8 Coop - Inside View
Glasbord floor is $125 upgrade n the 8x8 coop This is not a kit or just chicken coop plans...

DELIVERED FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready for Same Day Use
Our 8 x 8 coop is portable...
just add a Chicken Tractor.


8x8 Chicken TractorHorizon Structures 8 x 8 Chicken Tractor

Approximately 16" of clearance under the coop makes an awesome shady retreat for your hens.

*NOTE FOR TOWING: 8 x 8 chicken coop weighs approximately 1680 pounds.

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Commercially shipped coops may arrive crated to prevent damage in transit In order to provide coast-to-coast delivery of our chicken coops and coop kits, we MAY require the services of a commercial carrier. This means that your coop MAY arrive via a large tractor trailer truck.

Please call us at 888-447-4337 if you have concerns about the truck accessing your property. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make the delivery; however, your assistance may be needed in some instances.

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