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 "Listen, I've been seein' horse barn kits that look like this advertised for years and usually the price is a lot lower than what y'all are selling them for."

Ok. But ask yourself this...

  • Is the horse barn kit steel frame or a wood frame?
  • Are they giving you a "shell" or a complete horse barn kit?
  • Does the barn kit price include delivery?
  • Do you have to pay extra for the features you need?

Most buildings are delivered fully-assembled and ready for same-day use.

SkepticWhen comparing horse barn kits - Ask questions. Check details.

Remember - You can't compare an apple to an orange.  It all adds up to:


  • - The moderate price of our steel frame horse barn kit makes it a very attractive complete barn package to the average horse owner.

Horse Comfort & Safety

  • - Our steel frame barn kits are designed specifically for the needs of horses. Customize both exterior walls and interior stall dividers to maximize ventilation and air flow at no extra cost.\

Horse Barn Stalls
Interior view of stalls

36 x 36 Steel Frame Barn 6 - 12x12 Stalls,
12' Center Aisle



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Steel Frame Horse Barns

Barn Kit Prices include everything

  • Complete horse barn kit - partitions, doors, etc.
  • All Materials - siding, roofing, etc.
  • Shipping to your property

The only thing you need to do is prepare the site before we get there.


Steel Frame Barn Options List


Barn Aisle Doors
(2 - 6' Doors with all mounting hardware)
$1200 per pair of doors
Dutch Door
Finished Soffit & Fascia
$20 / linear ft.
(*includes both sides of barn)
Enclose Gable Ends
$450 each
Wall Mounted Hay Rack 

Solid Panel for Back of Hay Rack
(if mounting on a grill panel)

Fixed Window Grill
Hinged Window Grill
Window Grill with Solid Sliding Panel
Stall Vent
Water Bucket Holder / Swing Panel
Window Grill
Copper Roofed Cupola - 48"


Galvanized steel interiorCheck out the interior...

... It looks just as good inside as it does from the outside.

Stall matts & flooring are not included with barn kit purchase

Steel Frame Barn Kit Prices

Prices INCLUDE shipping costs



"A lady from West Palm Beach called in for a quote I priced a modular barn and a steel frame barn...  She was able to save about 40% with the steel frame barn kit  AND we incorporated the vented stall and wall design that was perfect for Florida"

Dave Zook, owner Horizon Structures

Get Started Answer 6 Simple Questions and the Barn is Yours...

Common questions...

What is a steel frame horse barn?

Answer: Steel frame barns are probably the simplest, most cost-effective way for a horse owner to get a center aisle barn. The stall panels are the foundation of this modular design concept which provides maximum customization and flexibility in laying out a barn.

The barn is made up of several basic componenets: side panels, back panels, stall fronts and stall doors. These are the building blocks of a permanent modular barn. They're joined with our heavy-duty galvanized steel roof truss system, posts and metal perlins to create a complete free-standing horse barn.

Answer six simple questions and you're on your way to getting the barn you've always wanted. Horizon Structures takes care of the rest. We ship the complete barn package to your property and send our crew to erect it on your prepared site. In less than a week you can move your horses into their new home.

Can I modify, add on to, or move this type of barn?

Answer: Steel frame horse barns are completely modular and assembled with clips, screws and bolts (no welding, nails or adhesives). Consequently, assembly is a fully reversible process and the entire barn can be disassembled and shipped to a new location for reassembly. The ability of hot-dip galvanized steel to withstand rough handling without rusting helps maintain a like-new appearance throughout the life of the structure. Adding on to an existing set of stalls or barn may require some disassembly (removing the components forming an end wall, for example) prior to building the expanded structure adding in new components. The modular design of these stalls ensures that new components are compatible and interchangeable with the original components. Internal changes are simple. For example, a stall front can be added to convert a wash rack into a new stall or a stall divider can be removed temporarily to convert two smaller stalls into a foaling stall.

How do these horse barns compare to more traditional style horse barns for function, safety and appearance?

Answer: Steel frame horse barns provide all the features and options you expect of modular horse barns: easy installation, safe and secure containment for the horse, convenience of sliding doors, easy access feeders and waterers, ventilation and visibility choices, and so on. One major differentiating feature is our hot-dip galvanized finish which provides attractive appearance, zero maintenance and a dramatically extended useful life expectancy. This makes a steel frame horse barn the lowest lifetime cost winner. The stalls are designed with the safety of both horse and handler in mind with a strong structure, no nails or protrusions, correctly spaced grill bars, recessed latches and a sliding door guide and stop system that extends less than one inch into the aisle. Our standard horse stalls feature the traditional beauty of southern yellow pine boards surrounded by durable non-rusting non-fading metal frames and grills. We offer a choice of panel alternatives including wire mesh for added open area and polycarbonate composite panels for a smooth surface and even easier cleaning. Our European style horse stalls are available in a variety of designs to provide old world charm and modern appearance.

What if a horse kicks a stall?

Answer: Our stalls absorb most horse kicks and everyday impacts with little or no visible damage. 2x6 tongue and groove lumber is heavier and appears more rigid than plywood, and is less likely to be challenged by a horse. In the event of a severe kick a board can break (although that will take a very heavy impact) and the if that board is no longer serviceable it can be replaced. The welded steel frame is especially tough and will bend, absorbing energy, rather than break. The stall is designed for the safety of both animals and riders.

What about cribbing?

Answer: Horses get no satisfaction from cribbing metal stalls. The metal framework has no taste, provides no salt or slivers and, of course, no tasty but usually harmful paint chemicals. Some horses may scratch at it a bit, but usually give it up quickly because they can't taste it and can't chip off slivers.

What kind of maintenance does a steel frame horse barn require?

Answer: Virtually no maintenance is needed. This hot-dip galvanized stall system is impervious to deterioration from moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and the wear and tear from time itself. You'll never have to scrape or paint your stalls again, unlike any wood or powder coated finish. From the day your stall is installed, all traditional maintenance stops. As with all equine products, our stall will become dirty when exposed to the elements and animals, but pressure washing with a mild detergent and water should be sufficient to keep your stalls looking new.

Will my stalls mildew or collect mold?

Answer: Mildew grows wherever there is high humidity. It doesn't grow on the stall itself, but on the dirt and dust which sticks to the stall and gives the mildew a medium to grow. You can get rid of it by using a pressure washer, or simply scrubbing with soap and water using a sponge or brush.

How tough are these stalls?

Answer: When hot dip galvanizing is done properly, it is the best long-term protection in the horse industry. It allows us to have a 25 year corrosion-free limited warranty on our product. Our track and trolley system is also maintenance-free. The track is galvanized, and the trolleys are made from high strength Delrin® material which does not require grease or oil. The heavy gauge welded steel frame provides great physical strength. The 2x6 lumber adds additional strength and stiffness to the structure making it impervious to normal contact from horses. In the event of a disaster such as impact from a fast moving vehicle or a falling tree, the structure will bend rather than break or shatter, helping protect any animals and people inside from more serious harm.

Will the barn chip, peel or rot?

Answer: During the life of the product you should not expect to find surface peeling, chipping or rot. Your stall is covered by a 25 year limited corrosion warranty, and a 10 year limited warranty from animal damage, depending on product and application.

Will a barn of this type enhance the value of my property?

Answer: Of course, because they provide the best protection for both people and horses, long-term use, beauty and class. There's little doubt farms and ranches go up in resale value when they're equipped with Triton Stall Systems™.

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NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

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