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Pole Barns

If our prefab or modular structures can't cover your needs you might want to consider a Horizon Structures pole barn.
Our indoor riding arenas and pole barns for sale have the same wood post frame construction. Yet, each structure has its own with distinct function and advantages.

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Regardless of how you plan to use it, there are two specific reasons to choose a pole barn. The Number One reason to choose a pole barn rather than a prefab or modular structure is HEIGHT. The second equally important reason to put up a pole barn is the need to cover a large amount of square footage without the obstruction of support posts. In other words, you need a CLEAR SPAN.

Why Build a Pole Barn?

  • arenas-area.gif
  • Large, clear span area: up to 100 feet wide.
  • Higher overhead clearance: 12', 14' or 16' side walls.
  • A less expensive option then steel frame or cement block structure.
  • Quick, year-round construction with a smaller crew: 2-4 days for an average sized building. Up to 3 weeks for a larger building.
  • Easier to insulate. Cheaper to heat.
  • Large vehicle storage: RVs, Boats, Farm Equipment.
  • Extra height for a lift.
  • Mega floor space: as large as 10,000 square feet.
  • Commercial building
  • Warehouse

We do not sell pole barn kits. When you purchase a pole barn package from Horizon Structures, the price INCLUDES all materials and labor to build the structure as well as concrete for the base poles. All you need to do is prepare your site: level dirt / bed of crushed stone / cement slab / arena footing.

Terms and Conditions for Arenas & Pole Buildings


Did You Know?

There are even more great reasons to choose a wood frame pole building over steel:

  • arena-construction2_sm.jpgWood will not rust or corrode. Due to advances made in wood treatment and protection technology, there is little risk of wood rotting in the ground.
  • Wood is a strong, readily available material. It is economical as well as an organic, renewable resource.
  • Post frame is a very adaptable building method. It is MUCH easier to add doors, interior walls, windows, wiring or plumbing to a wood post frame structure than either steel frame or concrete block buildings. As you can imagine, you can't just nail a 2x4 to a concrete block wall without special fasteners or create a new entrance into a steel frame without a blow torch!
  • Wood is also more flexible, and performs better in high winds, such as hurricanes. The design of a pole barn allows it to 'give' slightly in high winds, springing back into shape, rather than just bending or collapsing.
  • Wood framing is BETTER in a fire! When structural steel heats to failure point, it fails catastrophically. In a fire, wood trusses have to char and burn through before they fail, and then it is a smaller, more localized failure, allowing time to remove equipment, vehicles, or animals.
  • A post frame structure requires no continuous foundation which saves you big bucks on site prep right from the get-go. It's also easier to modify after completion.
  • Fast construction times reduce labor costs.
  • Wooden pole barns hold their value just like other forms of construction.


We do not sell pole barn kits. Smaller, more basic structures such as chicken coops, garden sheds or run-in sheds translate easily into kit form. Larger structures require heavy equipment and a more complex set of directions to build which is why garage, arena, horse barn and pole barn kits are not available through Horizon Structures.


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