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Storage Shed Kits

Time and time again customers ask if our sheds are available in kit form. Finally, we've got something better and easier to put together than anything out there. Our wooden shed kits make it a breeze to have a new shed up in your backyard in no time, at all! With a variety of options available we are certain you will be able to find a storage shed kit that fits you and your backyard, to a T!

Body Tabs

Anchor Kit $ 150
Flower Boxes $ 25
5' Pressure Treated
Wood Ramp
$ 50
Paint - Gallon
View Available Colors
$ 17
* above items may be shipped separately from the kit
*prices DO NOT include shipping costs
Upgrade floor to pressure-treated wood
Further extends the life of your shed

$ 130

Horizon Structures Garden Shed KitOur Storage Sheds Come in Easy-to-Assemble Kits.

  1. Are you a die hard diy-er?
  2. Do you want something more than the "average" storage shed?
  3. Is your location too difficult for delivery of a pre-built structure?
  4. Does the thought of metal siding make you cringe?

If your answer is "YES"  ...our storage and garden shed kits are just what you've been looking for!



Don't pay it yourself.  It takes one weekend - or less - to build. Use it for...

Studio * Guest House * Potting Shed * Office * Workshop * Playhouse * Outdoor Storage




We've made sure it's easy to assemble. Each of our vinyl and wood shed kits come with 90% of their components PRECUT.
"I've been shopping around and the only sheds available in my area are from a local "Big Box" store. The quality of construction and materials is far superior with the Horizon kit."

Sure, you can get garden shed kits for less but steel storage shed kits can be hard to assemble. But - What if those pre-drilled holes don't line up? Plus metal can scratch, dent and rust!
You won't have that problem with our wood shed kits.

1700+ Cubic Feet of StorageWood shed kits give you more

Vinyl and plastic sheds are lightweight and more likely to tip over or blow away. Strong sunlight may bleach out the color. Besides, you didn't really want that in your backyard anyway.

Our wood shed kits offer enough room for a riding lawn mower, 2 - 60 gallon trash cans, the kids' bikes and more...

Each wood shed kit comes with a 31 page step-by-step assembly manual. Full color photos, detailed diagrams and easy-to-understand instructions walk you through each step.


Tools Needed...

  • Hammer
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Chalk Line
  • Speed Square
  • Tin Snips
  • Caulking Gun
  • Screw Gun
  • Circular Saw
    *tools not included in the shed kits



Fast DeliveryOur shed kits use only premium, top quality materials. All wood components are hand cut, individually inspected and hand packed. We guarantee all materials leave our workshop straight, true and free of cracks, splits other defects.

Delivered right to your door by common commercial carrier.


Whether you need a permit or not depends on where you live. We strongly recommend you check with your local building/zoning authorities and/or neighborhood association to obtain all applicable permits BEFORE buying your shed kit.


A shed without a floor should be assembled on a wood or concrete base (or solid foundation equivalent). We recommend a shed with a floor be placed on a level surface with a 2"-3" deep bed of crushed stone. The stone will create a protective barrier between the floor of the shed and the ground. Making the stone shed pad 1' larger (on all sides) than the footprint of the shed will provide a drainage area for roof run-off. The stones will prevent water and mud from accumulating around the shed and splashing up onto the shed walls thereby extending the life of the structure.


When deciding whether or not to purchase a storage shed kit with a wood floor, consider local building codes and restrictions, location of the shed, what the shed is being used for and your budget.

Concrete Slab: Use as the floor or to build your shed - with floor option - on top. Most expensive shed base. If you build your shed on a concrete slab its classification may change from a "temporary" structure to a "permanent" structure depending on where you live.

Wood Floor: Will keep the items stored inside up off the ground and provide a degree of insulation. If you're using the shed as a workshop, where you'll be standing for long periods of time, a wooden floor is much easier on the legs and feet. Call us at 1-888-44-SHEDS for information and pricing on upgrading the floor to pressure-treated wood. CLICK HERE for some other points to consider.

Gravel: Works best in small sheds. Easy to install. Ideal if motorized equipment, gasoline and chemicals are going to be stored in the building because it is a lot easier to replace soiled gravel than it is to replace a stained concrete slab. Gravel is also our recommended base for the shed with the (optional) wood floor. Use 3/4" crushed blue stone (or equivalent.)

Brick or paver block: With a well-made foundation of tamped sand underneath, shifting and settling will be at a minimum.


Maybe. Buying your garden shed as a kit may allow you to get more shed for the money, so to speak, than buying a comparable pre-built shed. If you've never built a shed before, buying a shed kit is the perfect way to go. You'll save tons of time putting it together - most everything is pre-cut and ready to go. You can probably complete the project in a day. However, if you're an experienced carpenter, you won't necessarily save money with a garden shed kit as opposed to buying the plans and getting all the components at your local lumberyard.


Wood StainAdd the finishing touches...

When the storage shed kit is done, finish with your choice of roofing and paint, or stain, to perfectly match your home.

... make it your own...

You'll need 5 gallons of paint or stain for siding.
  • - Use an exterior, latex-based paint or stain for the siding.
  • - Use an exterior, oil-based paint for doors and shutters.

Ten bundles of shingles will cover the roof.

Can it really be that easy?

Absolutely! Call Toll-free 888-447-4337 during normal business hours and we'll be happy to answer all your questions about our storage shed kits for sale - from ordering to assembly.

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