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Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops

Everyone knows that the best eggs come from healthy, happy chickens. Having chickens in your own back yard is great for them and good for you too. Aside from the obvious benefit of your own fresh eggs, chickens are entertaining, affectionate, and free pest control.

Horizon Structures' backyard chicken coops are handmade to order by our own Amish carpenters. Our chicken coops have always been built for durability and bird safety.

Chicken Coop Size Guide

Type of Poultry Sq. Ft. (per bird) Inside Coop Sq. Ft. (per bird) In Chicken Run
Bantams 1 4
Layers 1.5 - 2 8
Guineas & Turkeys 3 - 4 10
Quail 1 4
Pheasants 5 25
Ducks 3 15
Geese 6 18
Compare All Chicken Coups If you are looking for a chicken coop, Horizon Structures is your one-stop-shop for quality, handcrafted coups. No matter which breed of chicken you have or how large (or small!) your flock, we have the chicken coup for you. Our smallest chicken coop will hold up to 8 birds, while our larger chicken coops can accommodate 30+. Obviously, with a smaller breed of chicken, those numbers may increase. Regardless of your situation, we guarantee your chickens will thrive in any of our coups if they have access to a chicken run or are allowed to free-range rather than being kept inside the coup 24-7.

Owning a chicken coop has never been easier! Not only do we provide a user-friendly coop design, but it arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Our Amish carpenters' experience, attention to detail and high standards of workmanship combined with superior raw materials enable us to produce a better-built, longer-lasting chicken coup. Furthermore, since all our chicken coups are built-to-order, we can easily customize your coup to suit your needs. The chicken coups seen on our website represent only a fraction the choices available to you.

The best part: prefab chicken coups offer significant cost and time savings as opposed to building a chicken coop from scratch. Many people find our website to be an excellent resource and are delighted to find the answers to many of their chicken coup questions there. With so many choices right at your fingertips, don't settle for a chicken coup that is too small, too big or otherwise not suited to your needs or the needs of your flock. Let us build the chicken coup that is exactly right for you. For more information, visit our webstore today!

Things to consider before ordering your chicken coop:

  • How much space do you have?
  • How many chickens will you have?
  • What breed of chicken do you want?
  • Local predators?
  • Local weather/climate
  • How much have you budgeted for your chicken coop?
All these factors contribute to the decision of which chicken coop is the best choice for you!

Space: The physical limitations of your property is going be the ultimate deciding factor regarding your choice of chicken coop. Spray paint an outline or lay out pieces of cardboard to help you visualize the physical size of your intended coop in your yard.

Flock Size: The number of chickens you have depends on the available space but may also be limited by local zoning ordinances. The average layer hen should have 1.5 to 2 square feet inside the coop. Overcrowded birds are more susceptible to the negative effects of stress and are more likely to develop health problems.

Breed: When determining the right size chicken coop, make sure to consider what type and breed of bird you're going to have. View the handy table to the right for guidance.

Predators: Today's domestic chicken has many predators. Depending where you live your chickens may need protection from animals that are virtually unknown in other parts of the country. Certain predators are unique to urban areas and not considered a threat in rural areas. Fortunately, all our chicken coops are constructed to keep predators at bay built right into the design. While no coop can be guaranteed 100% Predator-Proof ours are better than most. Choose any Horizon Structures coop design with confidence.

Weather: Horizon Structures chicken coops are currently housing chickens in 45 states and you can imagine that includes a wide range of weather extremes. Again, all our chicken coop models - from the smallest to the largest - are built with the same basic features and high-quality materials...
  • Screened windows and/or wire-coated vents that allow fresh air circulation.
  • Shingled roof with 2x4 rafters keeps coops dry inside and won't cave in if snow piles high.
  • Solid pine or Duratemp wood siding - nothing light weight here!
  • Finished corners and well-fitted doors keeps drafts at bay.
  • Individual nest boxes = cozy chickens
  • "Right-sized" chicken door limits exposure to elements as chickens come and go.

Budget: Our chicken coops aren't the cheapest but they're not the most expensive either. With many coop models to choose from we're sure to have something for most any budget. And, shipping is included!

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