Lean-To Greenhouses

Frame your garden greenhouse in this modern take on the Lean-to Greenhouse. All the features you need for successful growing encapsulated in a neat and tidy package of Standard Features you’ll love.

When It’s Time To Grow

Extending the growing season, even to a year-round cycle of produce and plant life is possible with the right basics in your greenhouse. The wooden Lean-To greenhouse offers an affordable way to build your gardening talents and enjoy the pleasures of growing your own.

Choose your individual style with chic black or traditional white frame, hardy polycarbonate twin wall panels and a sturdy pressure treated wood frame. Our Lean-To greenhouses are beautiful first-class quality Amish-built structures that offer all the features we know you need.

When it’s time to grow, count on us to be in the know for everything required to make your next harvest the best it can be without compromising on the important facets like mechanical as well as passive air flow with a 16” fan, convenient full-size screened door, and lovely accents like wainscoting.

Potting benches on 3 sides complete the menu of great dishes we are serving up with the recipe on the easy-to-live-with and budget-friendly wooden Lean-To greenhouse.

Choose the ‘elite’ when it’s time to eat. This greenhouse will take your produce in quality and quantity to the next level.

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Lean-To Elite Greenhouse


Storm Screen Door

Potting Bench on 3 sides

Lean To Greenhouses Available Sizes

Lean-To Greenhouses Standard Features

Greenhouse Watering & Lighting Systems

Extending the growing season to a year-round operation is possible with the use of the right lighting system. Nurturing the water needs for all you grow in your beautiful new greenhouse is a task essential to ensure plant life reaches its full potential.