Prefab Shedrow Barns

Shedrow Horse Barns

Provide your horses and livestock with protection from outdoor weather with this prefabricated shedrow horse barn. Find the perfect shedrow barn today.

Shedrow Horse Barns

Regardless of how many horses you have, we know your concern for their care and safety is a top priority. Our Amish-made, shedrow horse barns are constructed of quality, time-tested materials that stand up to the effects of mother nature and the abuse a horse can dish out, unlike metal horse barns!

A prefab shedrow horse barn is, without a doubt, the easiest and most affordable way to provide safe and secure stalls for your horses. Although the shedrow horse barn concept has been around for several years, many people still have a “Eureka!” reaction when hearing about it. When you think about all the benefits to a shedrow horse barn you have to ask yourself why you would consider anything else…?

Jill from Horizon Structures says, “The shedrow barn offers a really affordable way to meet your needs and the needs of your horse. It provides more protection than a run-in, but it’s still well ventilated and lets the horses see each other while being kept separate.”


Stalls Include:

Tack/Feed Room Includes:


"I have waited almost 30 years as a horse owner for this day"
"Good morning to all, I just thought that I would share some news. This morning, for the very first time, I looked out my very own window, and could see my very own barn for the very first time. I have waited almost 30 years as a horse owner for this day. "
Donna R., Orange, MA
Barns are 8, 10 or 12' wide. 14 or 16 foot may also be available - extra freight charges will apply. You tell us where to place the walls. NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

Our shedrow horse barns accommodate large horses very comfortably. Ask about resizing for your mini or pony.

To many discerning horse owners, customization is a key element when deciding where to purchase a shed row horse barn or horse stable.

We offer options ranging from electrical packages to our ability to stain your shed-row horse barn or horse stable for you. Our shedrow barns and stables are available in many different sizes and stall/storage room configurations.

A shedrow barn kit can consist of a single stall up to 4 stalls – with an attached tack/feed room – in a single unit. Or, combine several shedrow barn units to create a longer building or an “L” or “U”-shaped barn configuration.

Create a multi-purpose horse barn by combining stalls / run-in area / storage.

Siding and / or kick board material may vary depending on locally available materials.
Horizon Structures reserves the right to substitute white pine siding and / or oak kick board with materials best suited for optimal performance within your geographic region.
** Cypress siding may be substituted for white pine, in Southern and Western regions, due to its moisture and insect resistant properties.
** Spruce may be  substituted for oak kick board due to local availability.

NOTE: LP Smartside Barns – All Dutch doors will now be painted a solid color of your choice. match your barn or select a contrasting color. Add an Overhang: Click HERE for more information

Tack/feed room includes floor, door and window
Stalls include oak kick board, grill (or solid) partition, slider window with bars.
Horseshoe latch is STANDARD on all stall doors.
L-Shaped Barn with Overhangs

These barns are NOT kits! Our crew does all on-site work. All you do is prepare the site.

NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions