Wooden & Vinyl


Give your kids space to run and explore with our selection of wooden and vinyl playsets! Add a creative play area to your backyard with Horizon Structures.

These days it’s hard to make sure your children are getting fresh air, sunshine, and good, honest playtime in the backyard. Despite all the electronic distractions, it is important for your child’s growth to have regular outdoor time. That is why we at Horizon Structures love providing a fun and secure structure to climb on, slide down, and everything else a kid should be doing.

Our first priority will always be your child’s safety. That’s why we focus on durability in both our materials and designs. Both the wooden and vinyl playsets are built to last and are protected against weather, bugs, and other harmful forces. Not only are they strong, but sustainable too — we strive to use eco-friendly materials and building techniques so we can practice being good stewards of the Earth. Horizon Structures also offers a warranty with every building we sell to ensure our customers receive exactly what they purchased. Rest assured; our backyard playsets are an investment that will last a lifetime.

Our playsets come in two main materials: wood and vinyl. We also offer countless design and color options to fit your space and preferences. Some possible features include swings, slides, rock walls, and even a pirate ship theme! Our experts are always willing to help you pick the right design for your needs and budget.

Your kids will be begging to stay outside all day on a Horizon Structures playset!

Ensure your kids spend their energy safely climbing a durable vinyl play set instead of the sofa!

Consider an environmentally friendly wooden playset as a money-saving alternative to our vinyl playsets!