Equine Hay Feeders

Horses are your life and we understand that their health is very important to you. Our hay feeders for round, square, and small bales are all about you and your horses. From the start, our goal has been to help your horses stay healthy while also saving you money.

Our horse hay feeders are built with a focus on reducing hay waste and promoting healthy eating habits. To give you more ease during feeding and more time to enjoy your animals, we have created equine hay feeders for horses that are among the most durable on the market.

Fabricated with 12-gauge steel and square tubing, Horizon Structures’ horse hay racks for sale are the choice of equestrian enthusiasts nationwide. All horse feeder models are coated with primer and a two-component polyurethane top-coat finish that is electrostatically applied to ensure maximum coverage.


Hay Bale Feeder for Small Square Bales

The Model HAY4832G24 holds one small bale and works well for daily feeding. It is built with vertical bars designed to eliminate your horses biting the metal bars, yet allow horses to eat freely while limiting wasted hay. Dropped hay will fall into a wide trough instead of the ground, saving you money that you can put towards that new trailer!

Model HAY4832G24 Specifications


Hay Bale Feeder for Small Square Bales

The Model HAY832G24 holds 2-4 small bales providing daily feeding for up to 6 horses. Vertical bars prevent biting/teeth damage that is common with horizontal bars and decreases waste. A wide trough prevents hay from falling onto the ground, saving hay and money and providing max nutrition to your horses.

Model HAY832G24 Specifications

Model HAY45

Mid-Range Size Hay Feeder

The Model HAY45 combines the best of our small bale and large, round bale hay feeders in a convenient mid-range size. Built with the same ‘horse tough’ construction and long-lasting, weather-resistant materials it also includes a sturdy base that won’t sink into the ground yet allows for easy relocation. Rounded steel runners allow you to drag it with a UTV or ATV using the built-in tow ring. Robust hay trough is just the right height and, like all our other feeders, has cut-outs in the box allowing rain or snowmelt to drain out rather than soaking the dropped hay.

The most distinctive feature of this unit is the built-to-last plastic roof. It’s made of the same durable material used in children’s playhouses and designed to withstand the elements. Because the HAY45 is not as tall as our other covered feeders, we needed a roof with no sharp corners or metal edges that could potentially injure a horse.

Additionally, the plastic roof reduces the overall shipping weight, resulting in lower freight costs, and makes on-site assembly easier for customers receiving this feeder as a kit. Attached to the feeder by a stainless-steel bolt on each corner, it’s easy to remove if needed. This feeder is also available without the roof if that is your preference.

Model HAY45 Specifications

Horse proof latch

Model HAY606-4 Specifications

Spacious Round Bale Hay Feeder

Model HAY606H Specifications

The Model HAY606-4 metal horse feeder holds large round bales up to 5 1/2’. The end-load design reduces your load time giving you more time to ride. Durable skid feet allow the feeder to be pulled across the pasture while fork pockets on the end allow easy moving. The exclusive horse-proof latch is a standard feature on all round bale hay feeders.

This round bale slow hay feeder also comes with an incredibly secure gate lock, making it impossible for one of your horses to get into the trough and injure themselves. The upright bars also help to create an orderly eating environment, a separation method that keeps any one of the horses from dominating the trough or preventing other horses from eating.

HAY608SF-2 with bale
Horse proof latch


Round Bale Hay Feeders

Make it easier for your horses to get access to their meals in a safe, healthy, and secure environment with a covered horse hay feeder from Horizon. If you’re looking for top-quality large square or round bale slow feeders, we suggest considering our Model HAY608SF-2 horse feeder. It’s a durable covered horse feeder designed to hold one large, round bale. It also has a “horse-proof” latch, sturdy legs, and a slanted roof to minimize issues with moisture exposure from the elements when used in uncovered areas.

Innovative Covered Horse Feeder For Sale

Our Model HAY608SF-2 horse feeder has an innovative design that includes slow feed net panels. These panels are designed to minimize waste and protect your horses’ teeth as they eat. The innovative design of this covered horse feeder also slows down hay consumption, which is good for a horse’s digestive system.

Better Protection for Your Horses’ Hay

The bale capacity on this model allows enough room for one large round bale at a time or a square bale (if you opt for the 10-foot length). The roof on this feeder helps keep hay dry, which can prevent issues with mold. If any rain or melted snow does get in, it drains quickly. It is possible for the edges of a hay bale to get wet during heavy storms. However, the middle part of the bale is likely to remain dry. This is ideal since it’s the outermost areas of a bale that are typically consumed first.

MODEL HAY608SF-2 Specifications