Small Horse Barns

Barns for Miniature Horses

Give your miniature horse or pony the comfort they deserve with one these customizable miniature horse barns. Buy your mini barn at Horizon Structures!

Finally, a prefab horse barn built especially for smaller equines. We’ve taken our barns and resized them for miniature horses, ponies and donkeys.

As any owner of a small equine knows, these little guys are very hardy. These horses thrive with little more than a good pasture, fresh water, and basic shelter from the elements. However, there are plenty of good reasons for wanting a small barn for your miniature horses. With a Horizon Structures miniature horse barn, your little horse can enjoy the company of his equine stable mates, take in the view from his stall window, and see what’s going on around the farm by looking out through the open dutch door.

Add a second story loft or an overhang to increase your minitaure horse barn’s functionality. Design the interior to meet your unique needs. Stalls, a work or storage area, or even a built-in chicken coop will take your small horse barn’s limited space and make it efficient!

However, there are many reasons why having a small barn with stalls for your mini is a good idea:

Simple Shedrow

As a horse barn builder, we’ve noticed an area of the industry that is seriously lacking. That area being barns designed and scaled specifically for miniature horses, ponies and donkeys.

Miniature horses and ponies are very hardy! They thrive on pasture and sunshine with plenty of room to run and play. Often, a 3-sided run-in shed that offers protection from cold wind and wet weather is perfectly adequate shelter year round.


Stalls Include:

Tack/Feed Room Includes:

LP Smartside

Stalls Include:

Tack/Feed Room Includes:


"I have waited almost 30 years as a horse owner for this day"
"Good morning to all, I just thought that I would share some news. This morning, for the very first time, I looked out my very own window, and could see my very own barn for the very first time. I have waited almost 30 years as a horse owner for this day. "
Donna R., Orange, MA

Until now, folks have been forced to “make do” with a barn they already have or put together something on their own.

As any owner of a VSE (Very Small Equine) knows, putting a mini in a regular-sized horse stall is like relegating him to life in a “hole.” Their small stature makes it impossible for them to see out stall doors and windows or look across stall partitions.

As you can imagine, this makes for a dull and lonely life for these lively and curious little guys who are just as eager to see what’s going on around the barn as their full-sized equine stable mates.

Multi-Purpose Modular

Here we’ve built a small horse barn version complete with a hay loft / second floor storage area. Notice how perfect the re-sizing of the barn is? You can’t even tell this is a miniature barn for miniature horses until you get closer or see some animals and people next to it put it into perspective!

Regardless of the style you choose, all our miniature horse barns are made exactly like our regular sized horse barns. They use the same materials and come with all the same standard features.  The warranty is the same. And, the wind and snow load ratings… you got it – exactly the same!

These little barns are perfectly scaled down versions of our full-size horse barns. We don’t cut corners or compromise on quality, materials or workmanship.

NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

Tack/feed room includes floor, door and window
Stalls include oak kick board, grill (or solid) partition, slider window with bars.
Horseshoe latch is STANDARD on all stall doors.