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Barns for Miniature Horses

8x20 Miniature Shedrow Barn

Finally, a prefab horse barn built especially for smaller equines. We've taken our barns and resized them for miniature horses, ponies and donkeys.

As any owner of a small equine knows, these little guys are very hardy. These horses thrive with little more than a good pasture, fresh water, and basic shelter from the elements. However, there are plenty of good reasons for wanting a small barn for your miniature horses. With a Horizon Structures miniature horse barn, your little horse can enjoy the company of his equine stable mates, take in the view from his stall window, and see what's going on around the farm by looking out through the open dutch door.

Add a second story loft or an overhang to increase your minitaure horse barn's functionality. Design the interior to meet your unique needs. Stalls, a work or storage area, or even a built-in chicken coop will take your small horse barn's limited space and make it efficient!


Body Tabs

  • Steel Re-enforced Corners with Built-In Tow Hooks
  • White Pine Board & Batten Exterior (unfinished) or Painted Duratemp Siding
  • 4' Oak Kickboard
  • Quaker Style Roof
  • All Hardware: Horse Head Door Latches, Hinges, etc.
  • Stalls Include:
  • Dutch Door with Steel Chew Guard
  • Wood Frame Slider Window with Powder-Coated Steel Bars
  • Solid or Powder-Coated Steel Grill Partition
  • Tack/Feed Room Includes:
  • Lockable Service Door
  • Wood Frame Slider Window
  • 5/8" Plywood Floor
  • Steel Re-enforced Corners with Built-In Tow Hooks
  • 7/16" LP SmartSide (with Silver Tech) Wood Exterior Siding (painted)
  • 4' Oak Kickboard
  • Quaker Style Roof
  • All Hardware: Horse Head Door Latches, Hinges, etc.
  • Stalls Include:
  • Dutch Door with Steel Chew Guard
  • Metal Frame Window with Screen & Powder-Coated Steel Bars
  • Solid or Powder-Coated Steel Grill Partition
  • Tack/Feed Room Includes:
  • Lockable Service Door
  • Metal Frame Window with Screen
  • 5/8" Smart Finish Floor

Mini Shedrow with Open Dutch DoorSimple Shedrow

As a horse barn builder, we've noticed an area of the industry that is seriously lacking. That area being barns designed and scaled specifically for miniature horses, ponies and donkeys.

Miniature horses and ponies are very hardy! They thrive on pasture and sunshine with plenty of room to run and play. Often, a 3-sided run-in shed that offers protection from cold wind and wet weather is perfectly adequate shelter year round.





Mini StallHowever, there are many reasons why having a small barn with stalls for your mini is a good idea:

  • If you show, it's very handy to be able to keep your little horses inside between events.
  • As a breeder, there's no better place for Mom and Baby than a safe, cozy stall where you can keep an eye on them.
  • Despite the best of care, injuries and illnesses happen. Stall rest or separation from the herd may be just what the doctor orders.
  • Because of their ability to thrive on air, minis and ponies sometimes need to have their grazing time limited to avoid the risk of founder.



Pony and NicoleUntil now, folks have been forced to "make do" with a barn they already have or put together something on their own.

As any owner of a VSE (Very Small Equine) knows, putting a mini in a regular-sized horse stall is like relegating him to life in a "hole." Their small stature makes it impossible for them to see out stall doors and windows or look across stall partitions.

As you can imagine, this makes for a dull and lonely life for these lively and curious little guys who are just as eager to see what's going on around the barn as their full-sized equine stable mates.



Multi-Purpose Modular

2-Story Miniature Barn with 8' Overhang

Here we've built a small horse barn version complete with a hay loft / second floor storage area. Notice how perfect the re-sizing of the barn is? You can't even tell this is a miniature barn for miniature horses until you get closer or see some animals and people next to it put it into perspective!

Regardless of the style you choose, all our miniature horse barns are made exactly like our regular sized horse barns. They use the same materials and come with all the same standard features.  The warranty is the same. And, the wind and snow load ratings... you got it – exactly the same!

These little barns are perfectly scaled down versions of our full-size horse barns. We don't cut corners or compromise on quality, materials or workmanship.

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Store equipment or tools.

2-Story Multi-Purpose Barn

Just inside this barn is a spacious area for a workbench and storage.


2-Story Multi-Purpose Barn Exterior

  • Full-size staircase with sturdy hand rail to loft.
  • Post and beam construction.
  • 2x6 Rafters 24" O.C.
  • 5/8" Plywood Floor



2-Story Multi-Purpose Barn InteriorWe sectioned off the other side of this barn into several small stalls, a chicken coop and a feed/work room.

Smaller in overall size but no shortage of doors and windows… Dutch doors in each stall not only allow animals in and out of the barn but also let in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

The interior doors and windows have metal mesh and bars to keep animals safely confined and keep this barn bright and well ventilated.


2-Story Multi-Purpose Barn InteriorWe've designed this barn to make it easy to feed and care for whatever type of animals you choose to house there. Ingenious storage area below keeps feed and supplies close at hand. Cozy built-in chicken coop makes egg gathering effortless.

2-Story Multi-Purpose Barn Coop Box


10x40 "Double Wide" Shedrow Barn Downsized for Miniature Horses

8x20 Mini Run-In Shed 8x20 Mini Barn Run-In Shed

Barn includes stalls and hay storage on one side and a 10' aisle on the other side.  Dutch doors have a lower bottom half so the minis can look out just like a full size horse.

The stall side of the barn includes a 10x12 stall, (2) 10x8 stalls... and a 10x12 open area, with wooden floor, for hay storage.

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Here's another view of the stalls.

This customer wanted to keep things open and elected not to include bars between the stalls. The stalls open into a 10' aisle.

This is, essentially, an enclosed 10' overhang with 4 windows running the 40' length. Our modified miniature horse barns have all the same features and specs as our full-size barns - only the proportions are different!

Lower stall partions.  Lower doors.  Lowered windows.
All ensure your short-statured equine can enjoy his barn just like any other horse, donkey or mule.

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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends


Scaled down features make it easier for children to help out and enjoy their farm pets. What better experience for children than time spent interacting with animals? Caring for animals teaches: patience, kindness, responsibility, compassion.

Our small horse barns are perfect for folks with less acreage.


Now that you've read what Horizon Structures has to offer We Challenge You to find another small horse barn, mini barn, mini barn kit or mini barn plans that can match what we have to offer.

Overhangs Available

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16x28 2-Story Multi-Purpose Barn with 8' Overhang

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