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Monitor Modular Horse Barn

36x48 Monitor Barn with 10 ft. Overhang

Our monitor modular barns are a favorite, here at Horizon. This  modular barn is essentially three separate "boxes", one for each side of the aisle and a third creating the roof. The monitor barn's upper level is built in the workshop and shipped complete (or pre-fabricated), just like the sides. The for is then set up above the aisle with a crane, or forklifts.

One advantage of the modular monitor barn style is that we can install windows along the sides of the loft, giving the monitor exceptional ventilation and light. As with the high profile, a monitor modular barn can have a full loft, partial loft, or no loft.


Body Tabs

  • Steel Re-enforced Corners with Built-In Tow Hooks

SIDING CHOICE: 7/16" LP SmartSide (with Silver Tech) Wood Exterior Siding (painted) OR *Pine or Cypress Board & Batten Exterior (unfinished)

  • 4' Oak Kickboard
  • Quaker Style Roof
  • All Hardware: Horse Head Door Latches, Hinges, etc.
  • Shutters for all windows
  • 2x8 Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling in Aisle
  • Gable Vents
  • Split Sliding Aisle Doors Both Ends
  • Stalls Include:
  • Grill Stall Front with Sliding Stall Door
  • Window with Powder-Coated Steel Bars
  • Solid or Powder-Coated Steel Grill Partition
  • 4' High Oak Kickboard
  • Dutch Door with Metal Chew Guard

Tack/Feed Room Includes:

  • Lockable Service Door
  • Window
  • Wood Floor

Loft Includes:

  • Loft Over Aisle
  • Full Wooden Staircase with Hand Rail
  • *Gable Window
  • Gable Door
  • *Monitor also includes 1 window per stall

Beautifully constructed inside and out the Monitor style barn consists of 3 pre-built "boxes" that can be tailored to your specifications.Monitor Horse Barn Graphic

Incorporate stalls / tack room / wash stall - You decide on the room sizes and layout.

Our Monitor barn plans can also include a loft: full, 3/4 or 1/2.

Here's How It's Done...

Step 1:

The pre-built sections arrive...

Pre-Built Monitor Barn Sections

Step 2:

Next, the pieces are moved onto the prepared site using our "mule".

Section of Monitor Barn

Step 3:

The pieces are in place, lined up and ready for the loft.

Lower Level is Ready for the Loft

Step 4:

Monitor Section Being Lifted Into PlaceHere's where things get interesting...

Loft is Lowered into PlaceThe crane gently lowers the loft section into place. Two of our workman make sure everything aligns perfectly.

After the third section is in place, the crew attaches the roof edges to ensure a secure, water-tight connection.

The final steps include adding the stairs to the loft, making sure all stall doors and windows open and close properly, and hanging the aisle doors.

Bring on the horses!



36 x 48 Board and Batten Monitor
36 x 48 Monitor Barn
5 Stalls, Loft, Tack Room and Ground Level Open Storage Area
See this barn's floor plan.


Important Information Regarding Our Monitor Barn Plans:

  • Barn can be made into a garage or sold as an "empty shell" - Please call 1-888-44-SHEDS for a price quote.
  • LP Smartside barns: All Dutch doors will now be painted a solid color of your choice. Match your barn or select a contrasting color.


Board and Batten Monitor Horse Barn with Full Loft and Board and Batten Siding
36x28 Monitor Horse Barn
with Full Loft & Board & Batten Siding


Board and Batten Monitor Barn with Loft, Cupola and Overhang
36' x 48' Monitor Horse Barn
8' Overhang off the one side



Standard Features
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NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

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Siding and / or kick board material may vary depending on locally available materials.

Horizon Structures reserve's the right to substitute white pine siding and / or oak kick board with materials best suited for optimal performance within your geographic region.
**Cypress siding may be substituted for white pine, in Southern and Western regions,
due to its moisture and insect resistant properties.
**Spruce may be substituted for oak kick board due to local availability.


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Overhangs Available


Stained Board and Batten 36x28 Monitor Horse Barn


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