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Planning to purchase a horse barn?  Use this map to discover pictures of Horizon Structures horse barns and make the process a little easier. 

Here’s how it works:

  • First, click in the upper right-hand corner to expand the map.
  • Next, click to open a field for your zip code.
  • Enter your town name and state (or zip code) in the map to see Horizon Structures barns near you.
  • Color-coded pins help you select the specific barn type you’re interested in.
  • Click on a pin to open a window with a picture of a barn and more information about a particular unit.
  • Click the email link – within the info window - to contact the owner with questions about their barn or their experience dealing with Horizon Structures.  Perhaps even arrange a visit.
  • Or, zoom out to view the whole map and click on the color-coded pins to see specific types of barns throughout the US.

Our goal is to help people with their barn purchase.  A simple run-in shed or shedrow barn may be seem like a “no brainer.”   A modular horse barn is a more complex project with many details to consider.  Regardless, this interactive map is a GREAT place to get horse barn ideas as well as a handy resource for contacting previous Horizon Structures customers who have “been there – done that.”

Program Details

At Horizon Structures, we believe the best, most reliable way to make a purchasing decision is to ask someone who's been through the process.  That could be a friend, relative, friend-of-a-friend or perhaps an online rating and review system.  Feedback from someone who's dealt with a company you're contemplating and purchased their product is invaluable in helping you decide what and where to buy and inspiring confidence in your decision.

We've created this Referral Map by going back through our customer database to 2010.  We've asked our horse barn customers if they'd be willing to help.  Many agreed by providing pictures, a bit of information about their barns and their email addresses.

If you’re in the process of purchasing a horse barn, these folks are a great resource regarding modular and prefab barns and the buying process.  They’re also able to provide insight about the experience of dealing with Horizon Structures.  Feel free to email them with your questions about what it's like to do business with us and own an outstanding Horizon Structures horse barn!

Referral Rewards

We pay $100 for any barn referral that results in a new customer.  When you purchase a Horizon Structures horse barn, you automatically qualify for the program.

We KNOW this program works.  Horizon Structures has paid out over $25,000 to date in Referral Rewards.  Word-of-mouth advertising has consistently been one of our top sources of new business.

  • Know someone buying a barn?  Tell them to check us out and mention your name when they call for information or a quote.
  • We’ll note it in our database when we fulfill their request.
  • If they buy a barn from us, your $100 Referral Rewards check is in the mail as soon as their balance is paid.

Or, take it a step further and participate in our Referral Map program...

  • Send us a picture of your Horizon Structures barn or run-in shed (*please include yourself and/or your horses in the picture!)
  • We’ll assign it a reference number and add it to our map.
  • We ask everyone who calls in about our horse barns how they heard about us and tell them to check out the Referral map
  • If they purchase one of our barns and mention your name or your barn reference number – You get rewarded!
  • Limit one referral reward per invoice.  If mulitple buildings/referrals are mentioned by the customer, reward will be to first barn mentioned or barn closest in type/style to the structure purchased.

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