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30x40 Low Profile Barn with 10x20 Overhang

The Pre-Fab Advantage makes it AFFORDABLE

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We believe that ingenuity is the key to offering the most complete and useful modular horse barns on the market.

An overhang (also referred to as a lean or lean-to) is Number One on every horse owner's wish list when planning their modular horse barn, and none of our Amish barns is truly complete without one.

Essentially, an overhang is a roof that extends the length or width of the barn, and is either an extension of the main roof or an additional roof tier. Adding an overhang to your Horizon Structures modular horse barn is as simple as making any other customization, but horse lean tos are such a popular feature that many of our barns already incorporate them.

Both you and your horses will benefit when you
add an overhang to your horse barn...



Horse barn with 8 ft. overhang

34 x 40 Horse Barn with 8' Overhang

LP SmartSide Barns - All Dutch doors
are painted a solid color of your choice.
Match your barn or select a contrasting color.
Please tell us if you want crossbucks and
door framing painted a different color.
(extra charges will apply)

We offer the following overhang sizes...

  • 4' - Ready to use
  • 8' - Finished on-site
  • 10' - Finished on-site
  • 12' - Finished on-site
    Our crew will have it done in 1 DAY!

8' overhang - Inside view

Our new open roof edge design ensures MAXIMUM clearance!

There are several benefits to adding an overhang to your barn.

At Horizon Structures we custom build horse barn overhangs that are convenient for both owner and animal, and in doing so we ensure that your barn meets your every need, from safety to convenience.

** Barn / overhang shown with upgrades and options - Please call for details **

12 x 38 Horse Barn with 8' Overhang

Lean-to shelters horses from sun, rain, snow, wind.

We can enclose any portion of the overhang for additional protection from the elements.  Solid end-wall makes a convient place to hang shovels, rakes, brooms and more!

NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions




Talk about the ultimate in overhang utility!

Enclosing the entire overhang and adding sliding doors at each end has doubled the size of this barn. Add a few windows on the outside wall to flood the interior with light and what started as a simple 10x40 shedrow is now a beautiful 20x40 barn. Who wouldn’t love a spacious 10’ wide by 40’ long aisle? The possibilities are endless!

Remember: Overhangs extending more than 4’ require columns for support which means additional site  prep prior to barn delivery. Find out exactly what’s needed HERE

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