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5 Easy Ways to Add Premium Features to Your Kennel


Catering to the spoiling of pups is a win-win situation for any business which deals with dog parents who want the best for their “fur kid” and is looking to increase its revenue. The pet industry generates over $72 billion every year (as of 2018), with 27% of Millennials admitting they’ve increased their pet budgets since the pandemic. Looking at these staggering figures, it’s clear that this is an industry where there’s money to be made.

Utilizing the willingness pet owners have to spend lavishly on their dogs isn’t just good for your checking account but can also help grow your business. Adding capital from a la carte or premium features can help you not only expand your dog kennels, but can also open new opportunities to upgrade facilities, hire more employees, and give your boarding clients luxury experiences that set your business apart.

With so much potential, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to what sort of premium features you can begin to offer. We’ve looked at our own kennel clients and noticed these ideas were driving incredible revenue for them and might be a good place for you to start.

Give one of these ideas a try and let us know how it works for you!

Ideas to Add to Your Kennel Services

  • Livestreaming – Setting up livestreaming of your boarders playing together can be a huge upsell feature when your customers are deciding between you and competitors. The setup and maintenance costs can be easily folded into your kennel rates, so don’t worry that this will be an additional cost that needs to be absorbed. If you’re interested in adding livestreaming to your kennel, check out our guide for adding webcams.
  • Individual Play Packages – Many successful kennels offer a VIP upgrade as an option for their boarding guests that includes activities, smaller groups of dogs, and individualized attention. Consider offering two levels of boarding for your guests as a way to increase revenue and make your customers feel comfortable leaving their pups in your care.
  • Treats and Goodies – Having a small offering of kennel treats like pigs’ ears, milk bones, or even collars and toys in your reception area can help nervous boarding clients calm their anxiety about leaving their dogs by buying them a little treat. Like the candy and magazine racks in the checkout aisle of your grocery store, having these readily available can drive profits with impulse or positive reinforcement purchasing.
  • Holiday Events – Consider creating special events for holidays that can be purchased a la carte for your boarding guests. Dog-friendly lunches, themed portraits, and even cute keepsakes like paw print ornaments can not only enhance customer loyalty but also increase revenue.
  • Grooming Services –  If you have the capabilities to do so, adding dog kennel grooming or “spa” services for your boarders can be a great way to offer premium services that create peace-of-mind for your customers. Be sure that your services are safe and that precautions are taken to both protect your employees and the dogs, as one improperly clipped claw can stop customers from using your services again.

If you’re unsure which idea would work best, try asking your current clients for their opinion. You can ask them to fill out a quick survey, or just ask them directly during pick up and drop-offs.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have clients yet, talk to us about what sort of options might be the easiest for you to implement with one of our kennels. We’ve helped boarding facilities across North America create premium experiences that drive revenue and make your customers keep your business top-of-mind when it’s time to board their beloved dog.

Check out our current list of kennels or feel free to reach out to find out which structure would best work for your business.

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