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Tilly's Nest Coop

Melissa Caughey  - Tilly's Nest Coop

Melissa Caughey (founder of Tilly’s Nest) started her flock (and blog) almost five years ago and has since shared her experiences and sought-after advice in Country Living Magazine, Grit Magazine, HGTV Gardens and more.

Melissa started shopping for a new coop when she was ready to increase the size of her flock. With several years of chicken keeping behind her, Melissa knew exactly what she wanted: a quality coop that was going to last, plenty of space for her girls, lots of sunlight, proper ventilation and curb appeal.  

Tilly's Nest Coop Package Includes:
  • 9 Nest Boxes
  • 2 Removable Roost Bars
  • Epoxy Floor
  • Cedar Ship Lap Siding
  • 6x12 Covered Chicken Run
  • and More!

Melissa custom designed her chicken coop from top to bottom. The result is a quaint Cape Cod style coop that goes above and beyond.  Her one-of-a-kind hen house not only adds to the charm of her chickens’ backyard abode, it also provides everyone at Tilly’s Nest with a safe and comfortable home.

"It all started when a peeping package arrived at the post office."

The exterior features cedar ship lap wood siding painted a bright, crisp white and natural cedar shingles reminiscent of a classic New England farmhouse.  Screened windows (with vinyl-coated wire to deter predators) and a 12-lite door let in plenty of light to encourage year-round laying.

A bump-out with removable roosts, painted walls, epoxy-coated flooring and a place within the coop that catches the majority of the chicken droppings all make cleanup easy.

Melissa Caughey  - Tilly's Nest Coop
Melissa Caughey  - Tilly's Nest Coop

Because New England winters are harsh, Melissa also wanted a coop that could stand up against the weather and provide her hens with plenty of snug, dry indoor space for those days when they need to stay inside. Her draft-free coop, designed to have a roomy layout, gave her just that.

Melissa Caughey  - Tilly's Nest Coop

On most days, Melissa's chickens are enjoying the outdoors. In their covered run the hens have ample room to move around, eat and entertain themselves while also staying protected from predators and unexpected bad weather.

Melissa describes her creation as “not your ordinary chicken coop.” She points out its functionality, suggesting that it can be converted into a garden shed “if you ever decided that chickens are not for you.”

This is also a good selling feature if you opt to put your home on the market. While your coop can easily be relocated to your new home, it can also be sold with your property as a multi-functional storage space.

Two years after custom designing her Cape Code inspired coop, Melissa says she wouldn’t change a thing.

Now you too can own this custom coop designed by Melissa. Thanks to her collaboration, Horizon Structures is able to replicate her original design and make her chicken coop available for sale to chicken lovers everywhere. 

Plus, we're able to incorporate many of the same customization options that are available for our other top-of-the-line chicken houses.

Choose our economical LP wood siding or pine board and batten exterior.  Pick from our roofing options and select from our variety of windows and doors... and MORE.  You can purchase the coop exactly as Melissa designed it or add your own custom touches. The options are endless!

Melissa Caughey  - Tilly's Nest Coop
Melissa Caughey  - Tilly's Nest Coop

All Horizon Structures chicken coops are built with the same attention to detail and first-quality materials.  Your satisfaction and the comfort and safety of your flock is our Top Priority.  The fact that Melissa chose us to build the Tilly's Nest coop reinforces our reputation as a reliable builder of outstanding coops.

Call us toll-free at 888-447-4337 during normal business hours to speak with our in-house coop consultant.  We're here to answer your questions and discuss the options to make sure you get the perfect coop for you and your precious flock. 

Typical coop lead time is about 3-5 weeks. During peak “coop season” - which runs from January through May - lead times sometimes stretch out to 6-8 weeks.

We deliver - year round - anywhere within the Continental United States.

Tilly's Nest coop and run is delivered like all our other prefab structures: fully-assembled and ready for immediate use. Want to know more?  Read about our delivery process HERE.

Melissa Caughey  - Tilly's Nest Coop