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There’s A Horse in My House! – Embracing The Brilliant Barndominium Lifestyle Choice

A Barndo build offers an eco-friendly smaller footprint than building a home and a horse barn separately.
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How Can Dog Kennels Improve Your Pet’s Health

Thinking about adding a home kennel to your garden for your canine companion? If you’d like some more information on kennels’ possible benefits, you’re in the right place.
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Convenient Canine Comfort on a Roll – Kennels for Professionals

Commercial kennel needs run the gamut from breeding to boarding facilities to K9, Military Working Dogs (MWD) and other service dog operations. All animals need a great place to hunker
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The Best Stable Aisle Floors for Your Horse Barn

What type of flooring you install where, will come down to a number of factors. Here are a few pointers to help walk you successfully up that walkway.
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Why and How Best To Insulate Your Horse Barn

In a stall or stable environment where containment is necessary, the horse or Equus will likely be more excitable to work around than one that is blanketed and warm.
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How To Fund Your Dream Horse Barn or Kennel Build (including GSA)

A new horse barn or kennel purchase represents a significant financial investment for most folks and funding it can be worrisome.
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