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Integrating Multiple Modular Structures on Your Horse Farm to Save and Make Money

The flexibility in customized design options for the main feature - the horse barn - extends to other building needs, too
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Top 10 Tips in Barn Design to Cut Down Time Spent Horsekeeping

The design stage of your horse barn is the perfect opportunity to consider how you’d like to best manage the time needed to complete horse care tasks
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How To Build Your Horse Barn with Stable Floors Without Flaws

There are a myriad of options to consider for stable floor materials and the finished stall surface layer. The decision of what to choose is an important one.
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Horse Barn Gyms and Detached Saunas A Hit with Equestrian Athletes

You don’t have to be an Olympic rider like Horizon Structures’ customer, Boyd Martin, to appreciate the benefit of taking an ice bath pre or post a workout or event.
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Tips for Horse Barn Building on A Small Property

Horse owners often seek to immerse themselves in the deeply satisfying experience of horse care by keeping their noble equine beasts in their own backyard rather than at livery.
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Horse Barn Shopping – Don’t Buy a Pig in a Poke

If you are shopping for a new horse barn it is similarly wise to avoid surprise in the nature of what structure results from your purchase.
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