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How To Manage Horse Barn Needs After Catastrophe Strikes

Despite taking every type of precaution to save a structure from destruction, the forces of nature are sometimes too powerful for any building, no matter how well constructed, to withstand.
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Why You Should Build to Withstand the Test of Time

When it comes to the vagaries of the weather anything can happen anytime. How well built the barn or structure and the nature of the materials, may make all the difference in whether the building is left standing.
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Keeping Bugs at Bay on Your Horse Farm

Aside from mosquito-borne disease concerns, the daily torrent of everything from tiny biting midges to giant pale horse flies that invade the horse farm can make life miserable for man and beast.
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Barn Design and Management Tips For Competition Horses

Performance horses that are out and about can bring home more than just ribbons. The ultimate success in a competition depends on making smart choices and establishing and following sensible protocols.
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The Inspirational Tale of Angelina Natale

A Single Mom, Ponies In The Garage, CFO For Hire, Elite Equestrian Show Circuits, Battling Cancer and Children’s Equestrian Books’ Author – The Inspirational Tale of Angelina Natale
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Considerations Before Getting a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a superb way to extend your growing season, protect your plants from pests and harsh weather conditions, and enjoy fresh produce all year round.
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