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Run-In Sheds

Horizon Structures offers wooden run-in sheds that are low-cost yet safe, secure and an attractive way to provide year-round shelter for your horses, ponies or other livestock.

Single Run-In Shed
12x24 Run-In shed shown with
optional partition, copper roofed cupola
and weathervane
Many people also use them for hay or equipment storage.

As a dedicated horse owner, one of your main concerns must be a place where your horses can find shade and shelter from rain, wind and snow. All our Amish-made run-in sheds are made from quality, time-tested materials that stand up to the effects of Mother Nature and the abuse a horse can dish out.

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Swinging Partition Gate

Add this new option to your Run-in for only $295

Horizon Structures now does indoor arenas
Overhangs Available

Here are just a few of the standard features of Horizon Structuresí run-in sheds...

  • 30 Year Shingle warranty gives you the peace of mind that your roof can withstand wind and snow build up. (View Standard Shingle Colors)

  • Oak interior - both the 4' high kick board and frame - is one of the most solid woods available

  • White pine board and batten exterior. Horizon Structures are much more than decorative additions to your property! Not only does this type of construction provide more attractive, visually appealing horse barns and sheds, it is also weather-proof and, unlike other woods, resists warping and cracking.
Run-In Shed with Stall
To many discerning horse owners, the option to customize is a key element when deciding where to purchase run-in sheds or horse barns. We offer options ranging from electrical packages to our ability to stain your run-in shed for you. Our run-in sheds are available in many different sizes and can have partitions, stalls or tack/ outdoor storage rooms added. These options give you the flexibility to build for the future. You never know when you may need a stall to isolate a horse or a dry outdoor storage area to keep feed, tools or tack at a remote pasture location.

Run-In Shed
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Ask us about our metal siding options. Because horses are notorious for gnawing on wood, metal siding may be just the solution you're looking for. (View Metal Siding & Roofing Colors)
Every situation is unique - if you don't see something that fits your needs - CALL US! Customization of run-in sheds and horse barns is easy and we're happy to help you.

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We also offer run-in sheds and horse barns constructed with a Duratemp, exterior siding. The main advantage of this type of shelter is that it can be constructed on-site. Additionally, a wider range of exterior color choices is available. This feature makes it easy to match existing outdoor storage sheds, horse barns or buildings on your property.

Run-In Shed
All run-in sheds and horse barns
include 4' high oak kickboard and
6x6 pressure treated foundation.
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10 x 16 Run-In Shed with Duratemp Siding
Duratemp Run-In Shed price
includes paint or stain.

Here are just a few good reasons to buy wooden run-in sheds or barns...

  • The natural insulating properties of wood make it the obvious choice for construction of your run-in sheds or horse barns. Run-in sheds made of wood will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter ensuring your horse's maximum comfort regardless of the season.
  • Wooden run-in sheds and horse barns are sturdier and safer then metal. Serious injury can result from a well-placed kick puncturing metal sided horse barns. Wooden run-in sheds and horse barns will not dent or puncture.
  • The absorption properties of wood - both sound and moisture - make wooden run-in sheds drier, quieter, and more comfortable places for horses to reside. Condensation is not an issue and outside sounds, from weather or other sources, are muffled. Unlike metal outdoor storage buildings or sheds, strong winds will not rattle wooden horse barns or your horses' nerves. Also, our heavy, all wooden run-in sheds are less likely than light-weight metal pole barns to topple over in strong winds!
Triple Run-In Shed
Whether you're considering our basic 8x8 pony-size run-in shed, a large, multi-horse 12x36 run-in shed, or customized stall/storage/run-in combination, Horizon Structures wants to be your partner in putting together the safest, most attractive and comfortable home for your horses. Call us for details regarding options and add-ons for run-in sheds, outdoor storage sheds or horse barns.

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Single Run-In shed with Duratemp siding

NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

Additional Info: Horse Barn Options | Overhang Info | Site Preparation | Delivery | FAQ

Siding and / or kickboard material may vary depending on locally available materials.
Horizon Structures reserves the right to substitute white pine siding and / or oak kickboard with materials best suited for optimal performance within your geographic region.
**Cypress siding may be substituted for white pine, in Southern and Western regions,
due to its moisture and insect resistant properties.
**Spruce may be substituted for oak kickboard due to local availability.
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Price Estimator

Our Price Estimator is intended to give you a "ball park" estimate to have one of our buildings delivered to your area. It will calculate the price of the structure plus estimated delivery costs (if your location is outside our general delivery area.) Additional costs for transportation permits, escorts, etc. may need to be added depending on the delivery location and the size of the building. Options or overhang are NOT included in the estimate. Please call 1-888-447-4337 for a quote. Please Click here to view an options Price List.
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