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Why You Should Consider Adding a Pergola to Your Property this Winter


As a homeowner, you should always be looking to upgrade and improve wherever possible. Even in the wintertime, there are outdoor projects you can complete and get a lot of usage out of.

Adding a winter pergola is one project we definitely recommend. Pergolas have a ton to offer in terms of style and functionality, so in case you’ve got home improvement projects on the mind, allow us to fill you in on why a pergola is the perfect addition to your yard this winter.


Winter is the Perfect Time to Buy a Pergola for Snow

There are a ton of pergola design ideas to browse through, and winter is the perfect time to start your search. While you could wait until spring and buy all your materials separately from scratch, that would be doing things the hard way.

Instead, we recommend ordering either a fully-assembled or DIY kit for building a pergola. Horizon Structures has an extended lead time on these, so by ordering your pergola of choice this winter you should be ready to get it set up as soon as the weather permits, come springtime.

Also, Horizon builds and ships pergolas and other outdoor structures year-round throughout the Continental US, so they’re always there for you when you decide you want to make a purchase.

A Unique Escape

A pergola is perhaps the easiest outdoor structure to set up and makes a really unique place to relax and hang out. Especially if you have a spacious backyard with not many defining features, installing a pergola can be the perfect way to add some definition to your yard without having to commit a ton of time and effort to the project.

A Pergola Can Lead to a Gazebo

If you want to use an outdoor structure during winter, a winterized gazebo is perfect. You can also have a pergola installed as a lead-up to your gazebo, complete with a handrail and walkway.

A winter pergola can make for a beautiful entrance point in front of your gazebo. For winter use, the thick roof of a gazebo will keep out any rain or snow, while windows and walls can be added in addition to a heat source as well.

Order a Pergola Now So You Can Have it Ready for Spring

Ordering a DIY kit or a pre-built pergola is the easiest and most effective way to install one. Premier outdoor structure companies like Horizon Structures often have long wait-times though, so you want to order now to be ready for spring.

You want to get as much potential usage out of your pergola as possible, so by getting ahead of the curve you can spend all spring, summer, and fall getting the most of your beautiful new pergola.

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