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2-Car Garages Built-On-Site

1 Car, 1 Story Garage with Painted Board and Batten Siding with Metal Roof, Built-On-Site

Save Money on Your Custom Built On-Site 2 Car Garage...

Consider On-Site Garage Construction Over Stick-Built if:

  • Your property is not accessible to our truck and trailer.
  • You want or are required to have a cement slab as your garage floor.
  • Our trailer cannot get to the place you want to locate your structure because of trees, other buildings, etc.
  • The structure you need is too large to transport pre-built.
  • You need higher side walls on your 2 car garage. Go up to 10 feet!


Prefab Garage Shipment

Your garage is pre-built at our shop and brought to your property in "knock down" form.

Putting up the walls

26 x 32, 3-Car Garage Build-on-site is the only option for a large structure like this.


Attaching the Roof
Assembling the pre-fabbed pieces takes no time at all for our expert crew.

Finishing Touches on the Garage
We add all the finishing touches - inside and out - and leave your property as neat as we found it!

A big 2 car garage like this may take our crew a few days to finish. Smaller buildings are complete in 1 DAY


Added Flexibility

24 x 24, 2 Car Garage

24x40 with large single overhead door

This garage was built on-site as evidenced by the steeper pitch roof and higher side walls. We build on your prepared cement slab or custom block wall.
2 car garages built on-site come standard with 8' side walls in place of wooden floor.  On-site construction is not limited to garages.

Our built on-site garages have the same outstanding quality and workmanship as our prefab garages. If you want a large, single garage door for a 2-car garage, you will need to have it built on-site.

A garage like this does not have the internal structural support to transport and unload as a pre-built structure.

Build On-Site Gallery


40 x 40 Custom Garage
40 x 40 Custom Garage

20x24 1-car with storage
20 x 24 1-Car Garage with Storage

24x28 build on-site garage
30 x 40 2-Car Garage


26x32 3-car garage
2-Car Built on Site Garage
  • 1.5 stories
  • Stone Front
  • Cupola

26 x 36 Garage with 12' Overhang
26 x 36 built on-site garage

  • 4x4 dormers
  • 10' sidewalls
  • Custom overhead doors
  • 8' Overhang - Bi-level roof
  • Cedar siding
  • Custom doors - 10' side walls
  • Pine board & batten siding
  • 12' overhang


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