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Barking Up The Right Tree ~ Case Studies From Professional Dog Trainers & Breeders

It is always good to know that your dream kennel purchase is in good hands and you are ‘barking up the right tree’ when it comes to choosing a partner to help you build your business.

What better resource for learning than from other professionals in the canine training, breeding and dog rescue world? Horizon Structures clients kindly share their experiences working with our team and generously contribute their insights into kennel design.

We hope you enjoy browsing this selection of canine kennel case studies and don’t forget, if you have any questions our team of professional kennel designers are here to help you every step of the way.  Enjoy!

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When the catastrophic snowstorm pounded Texas and neighboring states on 2/21/2021, everyone suffered. Even a month later, regions of the state...Read more

When professional dog breeder Lauren Gierlinger wanted to expand her kennel space to accommodate her growing boxer and bulldog breeding business,...Read more

Noyce fondly refers to his business of Axieom Gundogs in Accord, New York, as a dog...Read more

When Billy and Trish Pruitt sought a quieter lifestyle, they chose to move to the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountain town of Mineral Bluff, GA. After...Read more

From temporary canine housing to a new life saving lives 99 miles away this Horizon kennel just keeps on giving and giving…Read more

When Husky Halfway House founder Jennifer Dietsch moved from California to Eufaula, Oklahoma with a business plan to build an off-leash dog park and coffee shop, she had no idea her original plans would take a drastic turn that would change her life.Read more

When Willy Ayala, of Bristol, CT decided to branch out and develop a breeding and training program for Malinois dogs, he knew that he would need a strong and sturdy kennel if it was to successfully keep his prize pups safe and contained. Read more

What do you do when your animal shelter is condemned due to toxic levels of mold? That’s the hardship that Lincoln County Animal Shelter of...Read more

Dog Camp

A dog camp village is a seriously good idea. With our busy lives our devoted doggies often spend hours alone at home while we earn our daily bread...Read more

Westie Champs

It’s a long way from the Highlands of Scotland, but Angleton, Texas is home to a champion AKC Westie breeder,...Read more

The Dream Design Kennel Complex

When professional AKC registered all breed dog handler and long time Manchester Terrier breeder Valerie Stanert moved her show dog business...Read more