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On-Site Construction

Pre-fab garage
Your garage is pre-built at our shop and brought to your property in "knock down" form.
Save Money on Your Garage...

Consider On-Site Construction Over Stick-Built if:

  • Your property is not accessible to our truck and trailer.
  • You want or are required to have a cement slab as your garage floor.
  • Our trailer cannot get to the place you want to locate your structure because of trees, other buildings, etc.
  • The structure you need is too large to transport pre-built.
  • You need higher side walls. Go up to 10 feet!
Putting up the walls
26 x 32, 3-Car Garage
Build-on-site is the only option for a
large structure like this.

Putting on the roof
Assembling the pre-fabbed
pieces takes no time at all
for our expert crew.
Finishing touches
We add all the finishing touches -
inside and out - and leave your
property as neat as we found it!

A big garage like this may take our crew a few days to finish.
Smaller buildings are complete in 1 DAY

Added Flexibility
24 x 24, 2-Car Garage
24 x 24, 2-Car Garage
This garage was built on-site as evidenced by the steeper pitch roof and higher side walls
We build on your prepared cement slab or custom block wall.

Garages built on-site come standard with 8' side walls
in place of wooden floor.

On-site construction not limited to garages.

Same outstanding quality
and workmanship as
our prefab garages.
20x24 with large single overhead door
20 x 24 with Gambrel style roof,
full second floor and
single overhead door.

If you want a large, single garage door for a 2-car garage, you will need to have it built on-site.

A garage like this does not have
the internal structural support
to transport and unload as
a pre-built structure.
Horizon Structures Offers Site Prep
CLICK HERE for more information on Site Prep: GARAGES | GENERAL SITE PREP INFO

Build On-Site Gallery
Click on any picture for a larger view
40 x 40 Custom Garage
40 x 40 custom garage
20x24 1-car with storage
20 x 24 1-car with storage

26 x 36 Garage with 12' Overhang
26 x 36 built on-site garage

- 4x4 dormers
- 10' sidewalls
- Custom overhead doors
- 8' Overhang
- Bi-level roof
- Cedar siding
- Custom doors
- 10' side walls
- Pine board & batten siding
- 12' overhang
24x28 build on-site garage
24 x 28 1-car garage
26x32 3-car garage
26 x 32 3-car garage
- 1.5 stories
- Higher side walls

Financing Available - Click Here for Details
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