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Wide Open Spaces: What You Can Add to Your Backyard

Blog By Jennifer Bell

Your backyard is your little sanctuary of the outdoors. Are you thinking of giving your backyard an upgrade? Fear not, for there are plenty of backyard design and décor ideas that you can incorporate into your backyard to create your dream yard.

If you want a quiet retreat or an entertaining hangout space, you might want to upgrade your backyard with a beautiful outdoor living structure like a gazebo or a pavilion. You can increase the value of your home while giving your family a fun and functional new area to spend time.

The structure alone is not enough, though. You need to add some personal touches and details to make your new space your own. Check out these ten essential elements to create a great outdoor space where you, your family, and your friends will never want to leave.

1. Cozy Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor seating is one of the most significant elements that can make your backyard more inviting. Deck out your gazebo with benches or couches, or turn your pavilion into a dining room with a table and chairs enough for the whole family. This seating furniture may include large outdoor pillows, cushions, and cocoon hanging chairs which you can relax in.

To make your backyard more eye-catching, incorporate different colors and patterns and use durable and quality fabric to last through the seasons. Also, depending on your outdoor space, make sure that the furniture you select is the correct size.

2. Backyard Fountain

You can enjoy the luxury of a stream flowing through your outdoor space without having to live in the mountains. A professionally installed fountain creates the perfect calming atmosphere as it also fills the other side of the pathway. You will get to enjoy all the soothing benefits that come with a scenic backyard atmosphere.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Have you noticed how food tastes better when you dine outside under the stars? A recent survey shows that the number one most requested thing for a backyard is a kitchen. It doesn’t need to be expensive. All you need is the shade made from cypress, a charcoal grill, and cabinetry.

It makes it easy for you to throw outdoor parties while leaving your interior home sparkling clean. You can enjoy the top spots for entertaining your guests as you cook from outside.

4. Backyard Lighting

When the sun sets, you will still want to enjoy the starry-night-feel of your beautiful backyard. This is why you have to consider investing in beautiful outdoor lights. Add warm string lights or Edison Bulbs to make your pergola or gazebo into a romantic get hideaway in your own backyard.

The best electricians in Mount Laurel can give you ideas on how you can safely integrate drape string lights that run across your outdoor living space. They can also provide more ideas on how you can line up the garden path with torches and lanterns for soft lighting.

5. Unique Backyard Firepit

There’s no better way to spend time together as a family than when you have a hangout firepit in the middle of the backyard. The best backyard designs have a firepit. The best firepits should have ample seating capacity, and you can enjoy relaxing in your backyard across all seasons. Firepits have a way of putting the mind in a relaxed mode as you enjoy the warmth of the fire.

6. A Kennel for Your Family Pet

Your dog is a part of your family and deserves to live in a comfortable shelter. Ditch the old dog house, and build Rover a stylish new kennel to stay in. A top-quality kennel is a perfect place for your working dogs to lay their heads. An indoor space will keep them protected from the elements, while the fenced-in outdoor space will give them room to move around and take care of their business.

If you have the backyard space to give your dog an upgrade, you should absolutely expand their living arrangements with a nice kennel.

7. Create Natural Tree Shady Spots

You will enjoy your backyard more if you can provide relief from the sun. Consider doing a makeover to that tree in your backyard by building a tree bench. After doing this, paint your favorite color and add some decorative pillows onto it.

Other choices of providing shade include large umbrellas, arbors planted with vines, and pergolas. More so, the vinyl and wood pergolas offer the best place to enjoy the beauty and fresh air from your backyard. Add curtains to your pergola to create the best outdoor living room.

8. Unique Fencing

You can have inexpensive but cool backyard ideas. Some unique fencing ideas include:

  • Painting murals on your fence- You can makeover your backyard by designing a unique mural. Just ensure that you use long-lasting fencing for your backyard.
  • Live fencing- These types of fences involve planting a tree and making it grow into your desired pattern. This method is budget-friendly and still gives your backyard that high-end look.

9. Vertical Gardening

This method can be used when growing low-growing vegetables or pretty succulents. A professional carpenter will advise on using this vertical planting system. However, if you’re looking for simple vertical gardening methods, drill plastic planting boxes or pots into the wooden pallet against your house. When you see these plants and vines growing along the trusses of your pergola, you will feel like you are living in a fairy tale forest.

10. Construct a Stone Path

Simple pebbles, stones, and bricks create a clear path and bring a unique touch into any backyard space. You can also add a little flair into your backyard by adding decorations that glow in the dark rocks during the night.

Spicing up your outdoor space is a significant investment in your house as well as an investment in your peace of mind. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Just find ways that you can use these elements to create your cozy open backyard within your budget.

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