A-Frame Sheds

10x12 A-Frame Storage Shed with Ramp and Grey Paint with White Siding

Our A-Frame Sheds are a long time Horizon best seller and it's also the most popular. If you are looking for a practical, low cost shed, here is the winner! Named for it's roof line, our a-frame shed measures approximately 10' high at the peak. This A-Frame Shed is the base model for our Hip Roof, Dormer and Garden shed models. And get ready... because it also comes with 2 18"x17"screened windows and a double door.

Body Tabs

  • Painted LP Smartside Wood Siding with Silver Tech
  • 2 - 18"x27" Windows with Screens
  • Double Hinged Door with Locking Latch
  • Diamond-plate Aluminum Floor Guard by Door Opening

UPGRADE: All the above features PLUS…

  • 2 - 24"x27" Windows with Screens
  • 2 Pair of Shutters
  • Wood Window & Corner Trim
  • 2 Arched Gable Vents

UPGRADE on Garden Shed: All the garden shed features PLUS…

  • 6 - 24"x27" Windows with Screens*
  • *4 Windows on Back Wall
  • Window Trim
  • 69"x30" Sky Light
  • 2'w x 8'l Work Bench
  • 2 - 24"x36" Windows with Screens
  • 2 Pair of Shutters
  • Window Trim
  • Double Transom Windows Above Doors
  • 2 Arched Gable Vents
  • Hurricane Ties Securing Rafters to Wall

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All of our A-frame sheds are made with high quality wood and the Amish touch to make it last. Our sheds are known for their durability and style year over year. Our A-frame 10 foot shed is a company favorite for being stylish and customizable. We always have sheds for sale, but like to keep simple, so you don't have to think too much! It's a custom shed, not open heart surgery!

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A-Frame Shed Pricing

Additional costs for transportation permits, escorts, etc. may need to be added dependent on the delivery location and the size of the building. Options are NOT included in the estimate. Please call 1-888-447-4337 for a quote. Click here to view an Options Price List.