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Integrating Multiple Modular Structures on Your Horse Farm to Save and Make Money

When it comes time to develop the blank slate of a prospective horse farm property, everyone loves a good deal and an opportunity to make money once the building phase is complete. The construction project’s design and execution necessarily involve much time and energy.

Not surprisingly busy horse folks are increasingly opting in for the fast, fun and fabulous way to shop for their new horse farm structures – buying modular buildings. This is a solution that can save both time and money at the outset with multiple purchase discounts and offers an opportunity to make money down the road, thanks to the modular construction benefits.



Horse barns that almost magically appear on site are usually ready to go in a matter of a few hours to a few days depending on their size and complexity. And today modular structures are being integrated into the initial spend to cover everything else equestrians need and want to complete the modular farm project. The modular construction benefits extend not only to saving on costs but also to streamlining the entire setup process.

The flexibility in customized design options for the main feature – the horse barn – extends to other building needs, too, enhancing the modular farm layout.

Easy clean, heated/AC commercial and residential kennels are also available to purchase with a few keystrokes on the computer or tap on the smart phone.



The post pandemic appetite for self-sufficiency has not abated. For people interested in a bit of light farming on the side there are multi-use structures for sale that makes it equally simple to pick up housing for pigs, sheep or a few milking goats or cows as it is to secure housing for horses.

Folks can buy a chicken coop and enjoy choosing from all kinds of designs. Tractor style coops, wood or metal coops, mansion styles or cottage cute designs are all ready to roll on site. Sizes offered include coops big and small, and poultry-keeping is a rewarding activity that is easy to learn.



For horse people who find keeping horses and dogs is enough animal responsibility but still want to manage some form of self-sufficiency, giving greenhouse gardening a go is a super option. The growing of fresh homegrown produce can provide great education for children or become a satisfying hobby enjoyed by a spouse or partner. The myriad of greenhouse styles from doublewides to quaint cottage traditional designs and the latest to hit the marketplace, the greenhouse/shed combo styles and contained outdoor gardening kits make great additions to the backyard to keep everyone happy.



But the choice for instant modular structures being delivered to the property doesn’t stop there either. Once the horse arena is completed perhaps a gazebo may be needed, or a pavilion to shelter trainers and students from rain showers or the burning rays of the sun. No worries, those needs can also be accommodated.

The mind-boggling array of choice not just in one product category, but across multiple building products or adjunct requirements for a horse farm is so extensive that the idea of a one stop shop that includes offers for multiple purchase discounts mean it is truly hard to stop at buying just one.

Consider other options such as garages, storage structures, sheds and studios (make great home gyms), saunas, playsets and pool houses, firewood shacks, and equine hay feeders.



Horse folks are generally busy people. Many people juggle family life, plus commute to a job off the property, and their horse passion is just one part of a very complicated though hopefully fulfilling lifestyle. So, opting for making a larger purchase and covering all the bases figuratively and literally makes sense because it saves time, money and stress. The undeniable convenience of being able to complete the task in a one stop shop, and to work with one Project Manager to execute the delivery and details of the entire project from start to finish is one horse owners are increasingly embracing when it comes time to make a move.

Affordable financing options are often on offer at larger modular building companies which provides more buying power for the horse property owner just when they need it most. And for folks in a serious rush to secure not only a great deal but also have their structures on site right away, year-round deliveries and nationwide service is available too from buildings standing in stock on the manufacturing lot.



It does not have to be the holiday season or someone’s birthday to expand the horse farm facility or upgrade what options are available for family and friends to enjoy on a property. Although who wouldn’t like to receive their very own private sauna or a greenhouse – both healthy and thoughtful gifts. Due to the unparalleled convenience of 24/7/365 access to choose from such an array of high-quality modular builds, the ease of shopping online means time spent on the couch can be very productive.

The modular purchase means less time spent stressing about lengthy construction timelines or figuring out how to manage anticipated costs, (look for a modular building company that offers to-the-penny pricing). Modular construction also saves on the noise and mess of construction crews and eliminates weather delays for completion of the project. All of which translates into more time for the horse owner to enjoy doing what they love – spending time with their beloved equine ensemble. And there’s everything right about that, as many happy horse folks have discovered by opting for modular builds.

But there is some salient advice the prospective purchaser should also know before ‘dropping the hammer’ on an online deal or telephone sale. It does pay to do your homework.

Whatever types of modular buildings are being bought there are seasonal rush periods including Spring, where everyone wants to get started on their building projects. At these periods lead times for fabrication and delivery of modular structures, especially for larger or more complex buildings, will certainly be longer than usual. It is wise for buyers to plan ahead to avoid such delays. And actually, even if snow is on the ground, as long as access is available to and the site clear, the huge advantage of modular builds is that it can go ahead. All the construction has been safely completed in the factory environment and the buildings are almost instantly ready to use.

A good modular construction company will offer firm timelines for delivery schedules. Thankfully their stock of building materials on hand at the factory helps mitigate any likelihood of delays due to supply chain issues.



The factory environment not only negates interruptions to the construction time due to inclement weather. It also means temperature sensitive jobs like painting and staining are completed in optimum conditions. This factor translates to a better finished result in the build. Together with consistent quality control being readily available at a factory versus on site where supervision can be difficult to manage, the purchaser can feel content that the job is in good hands.

Once the construction phase is complete, the adjunct of services that can be offered commercially could include kennel and canine services. Residential kennels can save money for doggy day care needs.

The produce grown, the livestock reared for meat, and the dairy products garnered can all be harvested to both bring in additional income or save money by providing food for the family table. Bartering products for other services has become more common and sharing produce with those in need is a rewarding enterprise.



The development of cottage industries is on the rise as these endeavors offer a handy extra income source for the entrepreneur. Meantime families are re-discovering the food canning and storage methods of yesteryear, and often also using updated equipment to complete the process of stocking the larder for year-round consumption of home-grown products.

The modular age of construction is here to stay. Whether you prefer a traditional high-end timber peg multi-use horse barn structure, or a simple run-in shed, a highly functional method of keeping the lawn down with a tractor coop and chickens or a means to start a new enterprise, your new lease on life can be just around the corner coming in via truck straight to your backyard.

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