Bonnie & Rick A. – I LOVE MY NEW 2 CAR GARAGE

I LOVE MY NEW 2 CAR GARAGE, with overhead doors with glass, steel & glass side door, steel backdoors, 4 oversized windows, shutters and great looking cupola & weathervane on top! After ordering the catalog online, I went to my township to see about permits. I called David Zook at Horizon Structures, who immediately faxed all required paperwork to my township. After my town gave the initial ok, I drove to Horizon Structures on Dec. 29th ’06 and place my order with Heide. The process was explanatory, quick & easy. On Jan. 9th ’07 our footings were installed by Rock-a-Fellas Contracting. We were referred to them by David Zook. We immediately liked the company & owner/operator Bobby Kyle. He did the work in one day and we felt the price was more then fair! We arranged for footing inspection with our township. I called Horizon Structures the next day and our garage was delivered and completely assembled by Joe on January 17th, by one guy in one day! I called Horizon Structures that evening and left a long & happy message on their answering machine. I felt compelled to write this testimonial because, not only is the garage a work of true craftsmanship, but the service was the best! I thank the Zook family & would be happy to show my garage to anyone and to recommend this company, with the highest regards! Wow, the experience was amazing & we couldn’t be happier!!! P.S. We’ve never written a testimonial before!!

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