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The Fairfield
The "Fairfield"

A cupola (pronounced coo-puh-luh) adds an elegant touch to anybuilding - shed, garage or barn and enhances any property. 

Whether you just want a decorative piece or you need a functional element to ventilate your structure, a barn cupola will set your structure apart from every other building in the neighborhood.

With a large selection of styles and options, you can customize your cupola to reflect your asethics and good taste.

  • Maintenance-free vinyl, select-grade red cedar or primed and unpainted white pine to finish as you like.
  • Roof styles to complement your home: pagoda, bell or straight.
  • Windows, louvres or both. Go a step further with stained glass or copper / color-accented slats.
  • Architectural details, decorative trim, crown moulding and a variety of facia styles.

Instead of leaving the top of your barn's cupola bare or using a simple finial, why not finish it off with a decorative weathervane. We offer 3-dimensional, handcrafted weathervanes for barns made of completely rust-free copper and brass materials. Brass directionals and copper weathervane spacer balls are included.

Three traditional styles - rooster, horse or eagle are readily available. Call us at  888-447-4337 if you have something else in mind. We can special order just about any figure imaginable and we won't charge you a dime extra!

General Information

  • Cupola size is derived from the measurement of the base width.
  • Our cupolas will accommodate up to a 10/12 roof pitch.
  • An extended base is available for steeper pitched roofs.
  • Cupolas come in 2 or 3 sections (depending on size) for easier shipping and installation.
  • All louvered cupolas can provide ventilation for your structure.
  • Windows are removable for installing a light fixture.
  • 60" and 72" cupolas come standard with double midsections.


Selecting the Right Size Cupola

Order the right size cupola
The "Pinnacle"
A good rule of thumb in selecting the right size cupola is to allow a minimum of 1.25" for every foot of unbroken roof ridge line. For example: if a roof section measures 24' the minimum size the cupola should be is 30". For roof lengths 48' and longer you may want to consider using 2 or 3 cupolas.Learn more here...

AZEK - durable and maintenance-free
  • Manufactured from cellular PVC
  • Rot, moisture and insect resistant.
  • Accepts paint and standard fasteners.
  • Can be cut, drilled and routed.