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5 Considerations for Commercial Kennel Construction

As an owner of multiple dogs, there is no doubt that you want to show them the same love that they show you. However, this can be difficult when you do not have sufficient space in your home or outbuildings to give them the space or shelter they deserve.

If this is the case for you, it may be time to consider investing in a commercial dog kennel. Modern, scientific approaches to kennel fabrication yield state-of-the-art buildings that are far from the chainlink huts traditionally associated with kennels, ensuring that your dogs are happy, healthy, and comfortable when they are not by your side.

When buying, building, or renovating a commercial kennel of your own, be sure to heed the following five points to keep your dogs secure for years to come.

The Roof Comes First

While all indoor runs will feature roofed enclosures, the outdoor component in some structures is left uncovered to allow dogs to soak up the sun. This is fine when the weather is beautiful, but when a monsoon or winter storm hits, the dogs are stuck inside.

Therefore, to ensure that your dogs get the outdoor time they need, roof all sections of the kennel–outdoor run included. Choose roofing materials that are well-suited to withstand a variety of weather types, such as metal or impact resistant shingles, to limit the amount of maintenance required.

Orientation is Essential

By roofing both the indoor and outdoor runs, you will limit your dogs’ ability to obtain direct sunlight when kenneled. In fact, if you have a north-facing outdoor run, your dogs may not get any direct sunlight at all during the winter months. This is a concern because not only do dogs enjoy lying in the sun, but they need vitamin D to keep their coats sleek and healthy.

Therefore, when constructing your commercial dog kennel, make sure that you have it set up so that the outdoor run will receive an adequate amount of sunlight. A south orientation will generally be the best option for receiving consistent sun throughout the day.

Pick Siding that Avoids Scratches

Dogs, even the most well-trained, tend to get excited from time to time. If they cannot get into their kennel, there is a chance that they could start jumping up and scratching the siding until they are granted access.

This makes painted wood siding a poor choice for the interior run, as scratch marks will become readily apparent. There are many synthetic options that give the appearance of natural wood, such as vinyl or fiber cement vertical siding, that will hold up much better in the face of heavy pawing. For even more heavy-duty resistance, there are a variety of metal siding colors that can give your kennel a classy aspect in an envelope of steel.

The Structure Must be Well-Drained

Even if dogs never “do their business” inside their kennel, the fact remains that their homes can get dirty and smelly in short order. Whether from tracking mud and moisture into the kennel or simply depositing their dander, their kennel must be cleaned with regularity. By installing a drain within the kennel, it is easy to spray and sanitize the facility, quickly and efficiently washing away the muck into the outdoors.

Try to Make the Building Net-Zero Energy Efficient

With sustainability being all of the rage in 2020 and beyond, it is a great idea to get your dogs on board, as well. Thanks to innovative building materials, your dogs can enjoy first-class comfort without pulling from the energy grid. Quality insulation, solar panels to power the fans and A/C unit, and logical orientation/window placement to capitalize on the sun’s potential are all great ways to minimize the energy consumption of your commercial kennel.


As an owner of multiple dogs, it is clear that canines are an important part of your life. To show them the kind of love they need to live long and happy lives, it is essential to consider the benefits of a commercial kennel. By following the advice outlined above, you can construct the most durable, attractive, and homey kennel imaginable for your pups.

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