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5 Tips for Boarding Your Pet

A number of our customers have purchased prefab Horizon Structures kennels for use as a dog boarding facility or part of a “doggie day care” center.  Others, considering entering in the pet sitting business, have come to our website or called us for information as part of the research phase of their project.

In keeping with our reputation as not only a trusted builder of outstanding prefab structures but also a reliable source of information, insider dog boarding tips and ‘best practices’ for the design and use of the buildings we sell, we’re posting this blog to share helpful insights regarding what pet owners will be looking for when selecting a place they can trust with their animals while they’re out of town.

Considering a boarding kennel or already have one? Incorporate these tips for boarding your dog to make your facility stand out above the competition!

Vacations are relaxing and fun. But, staying away from home for an extended period spells anxiety and worries when you are a pet mom or dad. As much as you would love to, it’s not always possible or practical to bring your furry friend along with you on vacation. The next best thing you can do is look for reliable boarding options in your area.

However, your work doesn’t end at finding the right boarding facility. You’ll also have to take all the right steps to ensure a comfortable stay at that place. Here are a couple of tips to provide an excellent boarding experience for your pet.

Give Access to the Medical Records of your Pet.

Hopefully, things will go perfectly well while you’re away. But you should still prepare for emergencies such as your pet falling ill at the facility. Make sure that the people at the kennel  know how to reach out to your vet. Give them a complete copy of your pet’s medical records if your vet is unavailable during that time, and the facility has to contact someone else.

You need to have a clear idea about the procedure followed by the dog boarding kennel in such emergencies. Understand the process that they usually follow in such situations. Specify if you have any unique demands about proceeding in situations where your pet requires medical attention.

Bring Their Food in Case of Special Requirements.

The boarding facility will provide food for the pets while they are staying there. However, sudden changes in diet can lead to the development of serious gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea. It is better to buy all necessary supplies like dog crates, dog harnesses, collars, etc. and pack them in your pet’s bag for the stay. Make sure to buy some winter dog sweaters if the temperature has dipped where you live.

Bringing your pet’s food to the boarding facility is especially important if it is on a special prescription diet. Be specific about informing the staff about how much to be fed at every meal and the right way to prepare it.

If your pet usually has wet food mixed with dry food, tell the staff about the amounts to be used and how to do it. This will ensure that there is no dietary distress brought about by abrupt diet changes.

Talk About Ways to Bring Down their Stress Levels.

Pets who develop illnesses in medical facilities usually do so because of their stress when kept in a new environment away. Heightened stress levels can depress the immune system making your pet predisposed to illness. On top of that, if pets are housed in congested places, they might end up passing diseases to one another.

Discuss with the staff about the way they handle animals. Ask them to show you around the place where your furry friend will be spending his time. Ask yourself questions like the following while taking a tour of the place:

  • Is it comfortable in terms of bedding and temperature?
  • Do the pets freely mingle with each other or stay isolated?
  • Are there wires or solid walls between the kennels?

Discuss How the Boarding Facility is Staffed.

Not every facility has 24 hours of staff every day. Though there is no harm in this, it is something that you need to know beforehand. If you want someone to monitor your pet overnight, especially if there’s a medical issue, don’t opt for a facility that can’t offer that to you.
Even if you are okay with keeping your pet at a place without overnight staff, ask about the kind of monitoring done at night when no one is around. What about the security system at the place? Do they have a central security system to keep an eye on things like break-ins? What if your pet falls ill suddenly at night?

Outline the Way Treats Should be Used for Your Pet

Treats can be useful for making pets do something when they seem reluctant to carry out that action. After all, can you blame your fur buddy?   When boarding, he is in an unfamiliar place with people he doesn’t know. It’s natural for him to feel skeptical about whether these new faces are doing what’s best for him.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to supply the usual treats your pet likes. Leave strict instructions with the staff about food allergies and how frequently the treats must be dished out. You wouldn’t want to come home and find that your dog has been bloated with treats in the meantime.


You wouldn’t want to keep worrying about your pet when you’re relaxing at the beach or skiing in the mountains. Following the pet boarding tips given here will help take that stress away from your vacation. Here’s one last word of caution for you. Suppose the pet has a severe medical condition like diabetes or heart problems. In that case, it’s better to board them at a veterinary hospital with a boarding facility instead of a regular center.


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