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5 Signs it’s Time to Repair your Old Barn

Owning a horse is pure happiness, and if you are one proud owner, you will know that having a four-legged friend can be tiresome and expensive. A lot of effort goes into maintaining a horse and its barn, even though it is worth it. Although horses spend most of their time outdoors, they need to have a cozy and spacious barn to keep themselves warm and comfortable.  Thus, your barn needs to be well-maintained and upgraded to its best version. But how will you know that it needs an upgrade? Here are five signs that your barn needs a makeover

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1. Is the roof of your barn leaking?

A leaky roof is a sign that it’s time to transform your barn’s roof. Repairing your existing roof or replacing it altogether, can be very expensive. However, you can’t ignore it altogether, as that might weaken your entire barn. What can you do then? You can consider the option of investing in a new metal roof. You can get it custom made, as per your choice and needs.
Metal roofing is ideal for your barn. It can withstand fierce weather and is long-lasting. It can keep your animals safe and comfortable during the winter months. Metal, as a roof, will also not leak, thus keeping your barn structure secure.

2. Are the structural beams decaying?

Rotten structural beams are a sign of ignorance and lack of care. It is not supposed to happen if you regularly maintain and repair your barn. The beams need to be the sturdiest part of your barn. Lack of strong beams can be hazardous and can make your entire barn collapse and injure or even kill your animals. Therefore, this is a big warning sign for significant repairs or maybe a complete replacement of your barn.

3. Is your barn too small and old-fashioned?

Your barn needs to be upgraded over time. Starting with a small barn is okay, but animals grow, and so do requirements for more space and modern equipment. This is why you need to renovate your barn to keep it spacious and contemporary. You can opt for the center aisle barns, which will give you two rows of stalls or two-story modular barns, which are straightforward and faster to construct. Start with a low-profile barn and upgrade to these over time. You can also install high-security locks to keep the barn protected. Also, make sure you have sufficient lighting.

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4. Are the stalls too small for your horses?

Depending on what animals you keep in your barn, you will need to give them a lot of space to live comfortably. If you have many horses, that is all the more reason for you to make your stalls bigger with time. Keep your horse stalks big even if your horses have not grown up. If you have not done it before, and now your horses are all grown up, it’s time to invest in constructing bigger stalls, so that your horses and other animals can feel comfortable.

5. Does your old barn have a loft?

If you are a farmer or if you make a living out of your barn, you will realize the importance of having a loft in your barn. If you don’t have one and you do recognize that you will be using it, it’s time to upgrade your old barn. Are you wondering what benefits does a loft has to offer? Well, you can store your farm equipment in the barn, store hay for your animals, and also use the space as an office or a tack room. If you have space, why not utilize it to the fullest!

Barn Maintenance Tips

  • Make sure your barn is well-ventilated to keep your horses healthy and happy.
  • Get rid of pests and bugs, but make sure you use animal-friendly repellents. You don’t want to harm them.
  • Store your horse’s saddle properly to keep them safe during rides. Damaged saddles can be dangerous for your horse.
  • Stock your horse’s food in the locked and dry part of your barn. Make sure it is away from a leaky portion of the roof.
  • Keep your barn clean and dry. A damp horse stall can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Make sure no screws or pointy things are poking out, that may be a hazard for your animals.
  • Select a low-maintenance barn floor option. Concrete, gravel, asphalt, clay, and dirt are good options to choose from.
  • Store chemicals safely. Pesticides, gas cans, and other hazardous chemicals must be kept away from your livestock.

These five signs are enough to renovate your old barn and have the best and modern features to make better utilization of your space and to keep your barn and your furry friends in the best conditions. Your barn should be a safe, sound, and happy place for your livestock to live.

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