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Chicken Safety: Yes We Care

By Jill Siragusa, 12/21/2012 - 2:27pm

When it comes to protecting your chickens you want to have no doubts that they will be safe from everything from Weasels to Coyotes and any other local predators. When you are looking to get your new coop or if you are shopping to upgrade to a larger size be sure to check out the chicken coop protection features that keep your chickens safe as well as comfortable.

At Horizon Structures, We use 1x2 vinyl coated wire mesh on all of our vents and also to cover all of the operating window panels on our coops.

Chicken Coop Window Hires

This vinyl coated chicken wire mesh is the same material we use on our run panels and in our pigeon lofts for the wire doors and wire partitions.



Chicken Safety

So be sure to check out the windows and vents on any coop you may be interested in.
Keep your birds safe and they will be relaxed and give you those fresh eggs that you love.





Chicken Coop

Give us a call 1.610.593.7710 and we'll help you get the coop that will both function well for many years of service and protect your chickens as they should be