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A Clean Coop Is A Happy Coop

For any of you who have a dog that you may have added to your family when your children were young, I am sure that you have no doubt heard the phrase “We’ll help clean up after the dog. We promise” And if you have heard that phrase it’s sincerity usually passes about as fast as the cute puppy grows.

Well good news. If you are getting in to keeping chickens and if it is a project that you want to take on as a family, and that phrase has been used inserting the word chickens for dog, we may be able to offer some help when it comes to cleaning your chicken coop.

When you are ready to give us a call to talk about your new coop. Be sure to ask us about our Cleaner Coop Cage. This is a great feature that makes cleaning your coop a much easier task.

Chicken Coop Interior

When you order a chicken coop cleaner cage we will wire in the roosting bars down to the floor to keep the dropping separate from the remainder of the floor in the coop.
Then we install a pull out tray that can be accessed from the outside via a hatch that is hinged. Simply pull out the glasbord laminate tray and clean it off and reinstall it in the hatch and close.

Pull Out Tray

Now while you may still need to access your coop to change bedding etc. The easy clean chicken coop cage will definitely alleviate most of the dirty work.

We can also install glasbord laminate on the remaining part of your floor. The better news is that when you purchase our most popular coop. It already has a glassboard floor in it. Just add the cleaner coop cage.

I know, I know. I have been using the term Glasbord throughout the content of this blog and you may think I have been spelling it wrong. But Glasbord is an actual product. Glasbord is a fiberglass reinforced plastic panel with an textured finish that is durable and flexible and will not mold, mildew or rot. In addition Glasbord is very resistant to chemicals and moisture and has excellent cleanability and stain resistance. Concerned that it may be harmful to the birds. Glasbord surpasses the USDA and FSIS requirements for safety.

The spring is almost here and we’ll be happy to work with you to get the coop you want and the cleaner coop cage that will make raising your chickens an easy and more simple process











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