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The Super Coop More Chickens More Fun

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Super Coop More Chickens More Fun

For those of you who raise chickens either for hobby or profit or for both reasons, you might have started on a small scale to see how chicken raising was going to work for you.
Whether it is a case of just growing your hobby interest or simply the fact that there are so many breeds of chickens out there that you want to expand the variety of your flock, a larger coop may be in order.
Enter our 10×10 Super Coop.  While this may sound like you are about to learn about the best features of a new sports car, the 10×10 super coop is the big brother of our famous and most requested 5×6 chicken coop.
If you now have or plan to have about 40 birds overall the Super Coop will easily take care of your needs while keeping that traditional coop appearance that most people recognize from out 5×6 models.
With 10 nest boxes and an exterior 2 lid next box cover, you will find it easy to gather your eggs without having to go inside the coop.
On the back wall there are two large vents and we take the time to cover them with the same heavy coated wire mesh that we use on our chicken runs to make sure your chickens are protected while they receive both natural light and more fresh air.
On the front of the coop there are three large operating windows that even though they have screens in them, we cover the bottom operating panels with that same heavy coated wire mesh.
Another feature that makes the 10×10 coop great is the larger 29” x 48” access door.  This means no more having to contort yourself to get inside to clean your coop.
While plywood flooring is standard on most coops including the 10×10 you can upgrade your coop with all the features you prefer to make it work best to your needs.  One of the more popular upgrades is to have Glasbord flooring installed for easy cleaning.  Glasbord is a textured laminate that resists staining and is very easy to maintain. And although this coop is much larger, it can still be outfitted with a wheel package which allows you to change the location of the coop during different seasons or to allow the surrounding area of the coop to replenish itself.
As with all of our other coops, your exterior finish of board and batten or duratemp with paint is your choice and whether you use our standard shingle roof or upgrade to a metal roof we will make sure that you are happy with your coop and that it will serve your needs until the next time you are ready to upgrade.
Please take some time to view our chicken coop pages via the links below.
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