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Kennel Owner

Kathy Jones


Kennel Location

Angleton, TX

Dog Breed

West Highland Terriers



Kennel Details

12x44 / 8-dog kennel

A Long Way from Scotland

It’s a long way from the Highlands of Scotland, but Angleton, Texas is home to a champion AKC Westie breeder, KJ’s Westie Champs. Owner Kathy Jones has raised West Highland White Terriers fondly known as Westie’s, for more than 14 years.  She enjoys a career as a Peace Officer and has been a deputy at the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department since 2001. She has been a member of both the Mounted Patrol and Honor Guard for the Sheriff’s Department. Jones explained she enjoys raising Westies as a form of stress therapy.

“I raise Westies because I enjoy their traits of spunkiness, hardiness and intelligence. I was looking for a long-haired fancier dog than a rat terrier. I saw the breed and fell in love with them,” said Jones.

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“My family raised rat terriers for years. We also have had Bassett hounds, Jack Russell’s, hounds, strays, and Chihuahuas. I like the long hair on the Westies and their personalities. They are very sure of themselves, durable, smart, and tough. I didn’t want a frail dog. Sometimes they will test you because they can be stubborn. I like to think I can be more stubborn than them. I’m not always sure that is the case! I have had dogs entered in barn hunt events, nosework events, and tracking. In obedience they know what to do but get bored fast and quit on you.”

As Jones’ dog business grew, she knew she wanted a kennel that could be relocated if the need arose, and one that would provide cleanliness for her white colored dogs that were always into mischief and always needed bathing. With a contingent of breeding females that did not always get along, and hawks flying overhead always eying the cute Westies with hungry eyes, protection from predators as well as from each other was needed.

“When I went looking for a kennel I needed some more pens or kennels that hopefully had a cement floor so if I washed one of my dogs they would still be clean when they dried. I also like options of things I can do. I have a couple of females that don’t like each other. With these kennels I can leave an empty pen between them and they are just the right size to hang a sheet between pens so they can’t even see each other. From time to time you have a dog that just had surgery that needs a clean place without dirt to keep stitches clean. A pen works well and limits how much activity the dog can do while recuperating. It also gives me a place to put puppies to play. We have hawks and want it enclosed since Westie puppies are small and could be dinner for a hawk.”

Like most people Kathy Jones set off to look locally for options for her new kennel. When she discovered Horizon Structures kennels, there were several features that excited her.

“I checked locally for kennels placed straight into ground. You have to pour cement, etc. and they are not movable after. If I ever decide to stop raising puppies for whatever reason I would have to pull up fences and break up cement. With this it is saleable and the new owner would just need to load the kennel on a trailer like I received it and move it to their location. It seemed smarter. I searched online for kennels and the Horizon Structures kennels seemed to be the best laid out. They were willing to work with you to make it what you needed and wanted and not just a cookie cutter model. It was great to work with them. My kennel has cover, air conditioning, and heating, and an area to wash dogs. I use one empty kennel to give me more room to store dog supplies, collars, dog food, etc. I can go out after dark and wash dogs, cut hair, etc. when I can’t sleep. It works out well.”

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As many of you know, Horizon Structures has been in the kennel business for many years and offers both residential and commercial grade structures. The kennel designs are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the dog owners. Innovative new products are added to improve the ease of care and cleaning after a thorough try and test period. The team at Horizon Structures, doesn’t just answer questions, they also know what questions to ask the customer to cover aspects of design or use that they may not have thought about. Customization to suit the client’s individual needs is a key to the success of their kennel product line, and Jones’ experience was no different.

“They {Horizon Structures team} were awesome. Some things I knew exactly what I wanted without any changes. A couple of things I changed a few times. They were very nice and understanding. They were great about advising type of chain and what swing door opening I would need, if I get a German Shepherd in the future. Things I had not thought about. The people they have deliver the kennel on truck and trailer were on time and very good getting it put into an extremely tight place. They didn’t do damage to the cement pad when moving it to the location. The person delivering the kennel forgot his drill to secure it to the pad but they reimbursed me to get someone to secure it to pad. No problem. It is built sturdy and soundly. You cannot expect anything else when the Amish build something. They are the experts of building!”

When asked what Horizon Structures could do to make the purchasing experience or product better Jones enthusiastically responded,

“I don’t really know what they could do to improve. I was extremely impressed with the kennels and had neighbors wanting to possibly move in when they saw it. I told them they would need to work it out with the dogs.”

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As a busy dog breeder who works as both a photographer and in the service of the community as a Peace Officer, Jones does not have a lot of spare time. She explained the advantages that owning a professional grade kennel has provided.

“The thing I like the most about having this kennel is the ability to go out at night and wash dogs, cut their hair, and clean the pens, as the building is lit and air-conditioned and heated. I can work for a while and then go back to the house. I can wash a dog and know when I get up in morning I know they won’t be dirty and I can immediately cut their hair and pick up where I left off. We get extremely hot in Texas during summer and with the doggie door they can go in when they need to because it is hot. Because they are white sometimes they get sunburned. It allows me to limit the amount of sun the get if I cut their hair very short. When the weather is cooler I let them go out in the yard and play and be dogs. My feelings are they need some time to themselves to run and play. If I have them in class that night it allows me to have them in a pen clean and ready to go.”

KJ’s Westie Champs not only breeds these tough little Westie characters, but also shows and competes them. Of course sometimes, dogs are dogs and obedience is not always their strong suit. Some dogs just want to make their own decisions.

“I have about 7 Westies at this time. I raise Westies and compete with some of them in barn hunt, nosework, obedience, and have done a little rally and tracking. They are terriers and love chasing rats so barn hunt is a hit. Mine like nosework and barn hunt because they like to think. They make decisions. Two of mine do obedience but they get bored when they do it too long. Rally has the same effect on them. Tracking is something I’m going to put one of my Westies back in to. It also is a thinking competition for them and he has enjoyed it in the past. Earthdog competition would be a great event for the Westies. Unfortunately we don’t have any competitions nearby so that is out.”

If you would like to purchase a Westie or learn more about the breed as an option for you as a pet or as a business project please reach out to Kathy Jones at

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