Mother & Daughter Explore Stable & Sustainability With The Barngoddess Chronicles!

Equestrian blogger & author Janet Winters joins her daughter, Herbalist Rebecca Winters, to educate and entertain horse and nature lovers through their popular blog, The Barngoddess Chronicles.

Janet’s love of all things equine started at an early age with Goldie, the endurance rocking horse.

“I was obsessed with horses and riding from the time I could crawl onto that rocking horse every morning…sometimes still in PJs.! I wore out the springs!

Real-life adventures with her first horse, American Saddlebred, Wimsey began at Riverview Valley Stables, the last remaining inner-city stable in Pittsburgh, PA.

Goodbye City Life…

Riding bridle paths in the park and show ring success eventually turned to mountain trail riding and Fox Hunting with the purchase of Little Paddocks, their farm in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania.

Growing Up Country…

Daughter Rebecca’s love for all things wild began at a young age. As a child, she could often be found outside making friends with the bees and the flowers, climbing trees in the forest, and nurturing creatures on the family farm. Her curiosity for Nature inspired her love of plants and their unique therapeutic gifts.

It also began Rebecca’s foray into horsemanship, with the addition of her Gypsy Vanner, The Pirate King & membership in The Rolling Rock Hunt Pony Club. Soon, Little Paddocks became home to a growing equine family.

That curiosity remained with her through her teen years, eventually leading her west to Oregon’s beautiful, biodiverse mountains. There her passion for plant medicine grew into an education in herbalism and blossomed into her life’s work. She became a clinical herbalist, taught herself how to cultivate medicinal mushrooms, and started her own medicinal herb farm where she focuses her efforts on regenerative farming practices & research projects.

“I learned early on that investing in quality products and reliable professional service would be the key to making our newly embraced country life successful. Mountain weather can be brutal, so knowing that you provide the best care for your animals and your land brings peace of mind when things get tough,” Janet said.

Living on a farm in the mountains gave both gals the “boots on the ground” experience necessary to sustain the health and well-being of their animals and the land that nurtured them all.

Janet’s lifelong experience with horsemanship led her to expand her writing career to create the popular equestrian lifestyle blog, The Barngoddess Chronicles.

“I wanted to provide an online resource for animal, and nature lovers alike, with information to enhance the quality of care for horses, and also the enrichment that leading a country lifestyle brings,” said Janet

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Flash Forward…East Meets West…

Now, mother and daughter combine their love of nature and country life to collaborate with Horizon Structures, a company in alignment with their values…

Horizon’s Vision

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Horizon’s Mission

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