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Site Preparation Guidelines for Barns & Run-in Sheds With Overhang / Modular Barns

Barns & Run-in Sheds With Overhang / Modular Barns

Recommend concrete pillars - 18" in diameter, 3’ – 4’ deep (below the frost line) and 3” – 4” above ground level. This will prevent the building from "settling" unevenly due to ground freezing/thawing cycles which can change the ground level over time. We recommend these footers be placed at the building corners and every 12' under the barn foundation, around the building's perimeter. We will give you a footer diagram showing exact measurements and placement for your specific barn.

  • After the building is delivered, the area around the barn and under the overhang can then be back filled with stone dust to pillar height. If you desire cement in the center aisle or under the overhang, that can be poured after the barn is delivered as well.

For safety reasons, some townships require that the building be anchored. This is sometimes referred to as a "hurricane kit." Be sure to check with your municipal agency regarding this requirement. Anchoring your building will help stabilize it against side-to-side shifting or vertical lifting in the event of high winds.

  • The easiest way to anchor a barn set on cement pillars is to get a 2' piece of 1" wide steel strapping/banding for each pillar. When pouring the pillar, insert 1' of the strapping into the wet cement allowing 1' to stick out the top. This strap can then be folded over and the barn set on top of it. To avoid any interference with the building's steel re-enforced corners, we recommend that the steel strapping be folded into the barn and bolted on to the 6x6 timber foundation, from the inside, after the barn is set down.
  • Another option would be to use a ¼" steel hurricane bracket. This bracket would be bolted to the concrete footer with concrete screws and then lag bolted to the 6x6 that makes up the base of the building.