Shed Site Preparation

Site Preparation Guidelines for Barns & Run-in Sheds With Overhang / Modular Barns

Your structure will last longer with a properly prepared site. Shedrow barns and run-in sheds with overhangs or modular, center aisle barns should follow these guidelines to keep all parts of the building level and functioning properly.


Recommend concrete pillars – 18″ in diameter, 3’ – 4’ deep (below the frost line) and 3” – 4” above ground level. This will prevent the building from settling unevenly due to ground freezing/thawing cycles which can change the ground level over time. Stone Dust should be used to fill in to within 1/4″ of the top of the sonotube. We will give you a footer diagram showing exact measurements and placement for your specific barn. A 1/4″ Steel L-Bracket will be used to anchor the building onto the concrete pillars.

NOTE: Land will need to be cleared and leveled by an excavator prior to pier installation. Final grading will also need to be done after the barn is delivered and set up.

Site Preparation For Footers

ON ANY HORSE BARN/RUN-IN SHED WITH AN 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′ OVERHANG or Center Aisle Horse Barn: