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Site Preparation Guidelines for Barns & Run-in Sheds With Overhang / Modular Barns

Barns & Run-in Sheds With Overhang / Modular Barns

Recommend concrete pillars - 18" in diameter, 3’ – 4’ deep (below the frost line) and 3” – 4” above ground level. This will prevent the building from settling unevenly due to ground freezing/thawing cycles which can change the ground level over time. Stone Dust should be used to fill in to within 1/4" of the top of the sonotube. We will give you a footer diagram showing exact measurements and placement for your specific barn. A 1/4" Steel L-Bracket will be used to anchor the building onto the concrete pillars. 

NOTE: Land will need to cleared and leveled by an excavator prior to pier installation. Final grading will also need to be done after the barn is delivered and set up. 


  • If you desire cement in the center aisle or under the overhang, that can be poured after the barn is delivered.
  • If you desire a full concrete pad, we will provide a foundation plan for your site contractor to work with.