Durable backyard Play sets

Vinyl Playsets

Ensure your kids spend their energy safely climbing a durable vinyl play set instead of the sofa!

Our playsets are created in Lancaster County, PA with primarily USA components and are environmentally friendly. Our playsets have a 50 year warranty. 

Environmentally Friendly 

  • Made with Recycled Material – sourced from post-consumer recyclables such as milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles 
  • Sustainable – create products out of recycled plastic 
  • Recyclable Material – can be recycled again once you’re done using it
Empty plastic milk jugs
Ground to beads
Extruded into lumber with UV protection
Extruded plastic in different dimensions and colors
Colors Available

Benefits of Plastic Lumber

1. Longevity

Plastic lumber is strong and durable building material that will last through extreme weather and years of the toughest abuse. 

It is also resistant to termites, fungus, salt and oils. 

2. Low Maintenance

No Rotting or Splintering

Plastic lumber doesn’t rot or crack, and insects cannot make their homes inside the boards. 

No Painting or Staining

Plastic lumber doesn’t absorb moisture from rain, snow and other forms of precipitation or condensation. The color is manufactured throughout the entire product. 

Being Good Stewards

We consider it our responsibility to take care of the world around us. That’s why wherever possible we use high quality recycled materials in our playsets. You can feel especially good about your new playset, knowing you’re helping our environment while at the same time giving your child the ultimate in outdoor enjoyment.