Durable backyard Play sets

Vinyl Playsets

Ensure your kids spend their energy safely climbing a durable vinyl play set instead of the sofa! Swing Kingdom playhouses come in a variety of colors & styles.

Our premium, outdoor vinyl playsets are five times stronger than traditional, wooden playsets. With accessories that range from infant swings to clubhouses, Swing Kingdom designs playsets that grow with your family. Therefore, each vinyl playset is manufactured with an eye towards durability and each set includes a 20 year warranty to stand behind our product.

Swing Kingdom’s playsets are engineered from a safety first perspective. Our slip resistant, vinyl clad construction materials are always splinter free.  And, no exposed wood means no harsh, annual chemical treatments. Stainless steel hardware and corner brackets bring added stability, while optional bars and rails allow for age-appropriate customization.

Childhood is a time for lively imaginations and spirited adventures. It is also the time to build a strong foundation for active and healthy lifestyles. Swing Kingdom’s playsets combine the fun of childhood with the fulfillment of physical and developmental needs to deliver upon learning through play. The healthy habits that are fostered by enjoyable exercise may be the one thing more durable than our vinyl outdoor playsets.

Colors Available

Being Good Stewards

We consider it our responsibility to take care of the world around us. That’s why wherever possible we use high quality recycled materials in our playsets. You can feel especially good about your new playset, knowing you’re helping our environment while at the same time giving your child the ultimate in outdoor enjoyment.


Top 5 Reasons to Pick Swing Kingdom

1. Remarkable Service

We strive to offer a service experience like no other in any industry. This involves aiming to do the job right the first time, addressing issues immediately and valuing you as a customer by going above and beyond your expectations with enthusiasm.

2. Maintenance Free

Having a maintenance free playset is a value often overlooked by many when price is their number one concern. The hidden value of your maintenance free swing set and playset is the low cost of keeping it looking brand new. The average cost for maintenance on a non-vinyl playset is between $600-$900 a year. That will easily exceed any additional up front costs associated with your vinyl playset in just a couple of years. However, with a Swing Kingdom playset you can say goodbye to those annual costs for paint or stain. Knowing you won’t have to worry about carpenter bees, checking wood, splinters, staining, sealing or sanding your playset, will bring you a peace of mind that is priceless.

3. Durability

Vinly has five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood. By combining the beauty of vinyl with the strength of Wolmanized treated wood, we have created a vinyl outdoor playset your grandchildren will still be playing on for years.

4. Adaptability

With designs that allow for future expansion and interests, our versatile platform playsets give you maximum flexibility as your kids grow and change. The entire family, from toddlers to grandparents, can play on our playstes. With almost unlimited play components to choose from, you have the ability to start small and have Swing Kingdom play system that grows with your children for decades.

5. Value of investment

A Swing Kingdom playset is built to last, which means two things:

  1. Swing Kingdom playsets hold a very high resale value.
  2. Swing Kingdom playsets can be passed on as family treasures for generations. Imagine your grandchildren making fun memories on the same playset your children used! Our industry leading limited lifetime warranty and outstanding service means your playset can look the same on the day your child outgrows it as it did on the day he/she first played on it.

Why Vinyl? Because it's Final!

Empty plastic milk jugs
Ground to beads
Extruded into lumber with UV protection
Extruded plastic in different dimensions and colors

Swingset Series

Kastle Tower Series

Having fun is as simple as stepping out the back door. With an assortment of swings, slides and more, the Kastle series of kids’ swing sets are great for nearly any backyard, even small ones too, which can be built onto in the future as your family and kids grow.

Double Tower Series

Non-stop action begins the minute they run out the door. With covered look-outs and tons of ways to play, the Double Tower Series brings great style to the backyard and doubles the fun for everyone! The series of outdoor swing sets is ideal for multiple children of all ages with many ways to let their imaginations soar.

Mountain Climber Series

For large, active families, the Mountain Climber Series includes fun climbing elements for an easy way to increase exercise and enjoyment for kids of all ages. Climb, slide, swing, and glide – the Mountain Climber Series has something for everyone. Turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure!

Playhouse Series

With room to let imaginations grow, the Playhouse Series gives children swings, slides, and a very special place to call their own. Ideal for creative children with active imaginations and families of all sizes. Enjoy a world of make-believe that makes every day different and fun with one of our outdoor playsets!