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Which Outdoor Living Structure is Best for You?

"Stay"cations, DIY projects and entertaining at home are more popular today than ever before. Part of this trend is enhancing your property with an "outdoor living" structure. Use this quiz to gain some outdoor structure ideas and help you determine which structure might best suit your home, personality and budget.

  1. The location I have in mind for my structures could be describes as:
  2. My idea of the perfect get-together is:
  3. I currently have the following in my back yard...
  4. I would best describe my backyard as:
  5. Getting into my backyard is:
  6. I live in:
  7. My favorite activity on this list is:
  8. My decorating style could best be described as:
  9. My favorite time of year is:
  10. My budget for this project is:

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