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Modern Birch

If you are looking for a chic and elegant finish to your Barndo then consider opting for modern birch. Birch wood has little inherent pattern making it ideal for a smooth finish, that can be painted to give the appearance of a sheetrock surface without the hassles that can be encountered with sheetrock such as cracking.

A Modern birch wood interior offers an upscale look to the barndominium while providing a highly durable yet artisanal appeal. If you would like the living quarters to feel more house like and less barn like, then birch is the choice for you.

COMING SOON: Modern Birch 360 Virtual Tour

Experience a walk-through of the birch clad barndominium interior to decide if this high-end look is the right one for you.

Consider that white and light colors are bright and highly reflective, which make the space feel cooler while also emphasizing a clean environment.

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