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Barn Finishes - Know Your Exterior

By Jill Siragusa, 10/28/2014 - 8:01pm

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Barn Finishes - Know Your Exterior


Here at Horizon Structures we offer several differenty types of barn exterior.  Two of our most popular finishes are the Dura Temp and the other is Board and Batten. 
When it is time to choose the right finish you want to be sure you are getting the look and maintainence level that is right for you.
Duratemp is a man made product 5-plywood with an exposed durable composite layer.  Duratemp is strong and resists dents, splits and cracks.  There are also no raised surfaces for horses to chew on.  The outer layer of Duratemp acts as a long-lasting weather seal which keeps moisture out.  Duratemp offers many color choices to choose from and is popular when people want to match with existing buildings on site.
Board and Batten is a completely natural pine product.  Board and Batten will also offer the same longevity as Duratemp siding.  Something to consider is the your horses may chew on the battens.  Otherwise Board and Batten offers a great rustic look that will begin to turn a silvery gray color over time if not treated.  Most people will stain the exterior either with a clear coat or go to a darker stain to acheive a specific look to their liking.  It is advised to wait 6 months prior to paining.  
If you are interested in seeing these finishes.  Go to and view our horsebarn section.  There are galleries of our barn exteriors within these pages that will help you with your choice.  Or feel free to call our staff at Horizon will be glad to help you with any questions.